Started by Muzz, April 21, 2007, 08:49:22 AM

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Wow! Very impressive. Especially the last of the day time mosaics (with the train station), that one is amazing. &apls

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Muzz that was real great update i loved it...

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Wow, this is one of the best MDs Ive seen! Your artist impressions are amazing; a great idea which I would probably utilize in mine one of these days. Overall, 10/10 for presentation.


Fantabulous update Muzz! Very well done indeed.  ;)


I realise how neglected you guys have been, it's been over a month since I updated!!!  :o

So here is a little consolation while I am still working on the city, a few shots of the areas still having work done on them!


bat: Thanks!
Yoman: Thank you!
iamgoingtoeatyou: Lol, thanks! Well, at least you see that I did give you warning, lol!
stewart_garden: Thanks a lot!
emilin: Thank you very much!
patfirefghtr: Thanks, pat, and thanks again for stopping by!
nedalezz: Thanks! Would be good to see you use an idea like that in your CJ, then I wouldn't feel like I was the only one who had stolen an idea from another CJ!  :P
pip: Thank you!


Love the train station and the surrounding buildings.  Great layout and awesome choice of custom contents.

Robin   :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


Wonderful new pictures and update! Like the first picture! :thumbsup:


You've got to get that tree mod working :P Those four Paris blocks look dead as hell. The area around the train station looks great though, and I'm loving the Low wealth apartment projects :P


Hey again, new pictures to share today, of an area near the castle. This is very much inspired by the area in Edinburgh that is similar to this. We have the shopping street (Princes Street represented by Kings Street) and the railway station in the dip (Waverley Station represented by Barons Cross). People may also notice the presence of an Art Gallery, in a similar location to that in Edinburgh. Anyway, enough of giving away my secrets, here are the pictures (please remember it's a work in progress).


rooker1: Thanks, it's something I take a lot of time over. If the layout doesn't look right the first time I go back and redo it, and the choice of buildings is soemthing on top of that that takes some time, I usually have a building in mind for a place though.
bat: Thanks, the mosaic is one of my favourite parts too, but it has to be said I like the scummy buildings too!
Yoman: I know, lol. Thanks, and see if you can spot the somewhat blatant traffic generator in thsi update!
pip: Thank you!

Thanks for stopping by, looking forward to reading your comments!



Another great update of that area of your city! Wonderful new pictures! :thumbsup:


Cross walk in front of the monument type thing is the traffic gen? :P

Anyway from far out the area looks blah....but from close in it looks fantastic (despite the fact that the tree mod isn't working :P) I will however suggest Nob's grass railway mod, doesn't wonders when you do diagonals and looks 10 million times better in our opinions, don't worry about reploping all the FF cantanaries also, it converts their base texture to grass, and xiziz and I can supply you with relotted SFBT ones :)

Looking forward to the next update as always.

nova vesfalo

the baron cross pic is wonderful , like the way you've use sea banks to get an urban-scenic view ! And I can't way to see the caslte finished ! (it has  been advanced since the Seven Wonders of SCJU, if I'm not wrong ?)

sEAhAwk fAn121

i thought i might as well give this a bump for Sir Muzzington! ;)  :D
Great update Muzz! I love the castle and the entire city! I can see the inspiration from Edinburgh here! Except for the towering skyscrapers of course haha!  :D Can't wait to see more from you! A true Classic  &apls


Very, Very nice muzz. I took inspiration from Edinburgh with it's castle in Leon-Owen. I must update soon! lol


Hey Muzz that last update was very good any news for anther one???

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