Rest In Peace Barby.

Started by TheTeaCat, March 18, 2015, 04:53:44 AM

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I count myself fortunate that when I finally stopped lurking all those years ago, Barby was still a very active member of this site, she was always willing to help and seemed to know pretty much everything there was to know re the game and while I never met her in RL we did exchange the odd PM over the years.

RIP Barby and condolences to her family and friends

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She will be missed indeed.  :(


I was just wondering about her last week. I didn't know her personally, but as everyone can tell you she had a huge role in the modding community, especially in its formative years. Even though she hasn't been as active recently, her influence has been felt in so much custom content content, made, and despite her passing, yet to be made.


This is shocking news!

It was just a couple of years ago that she was very active. Sure she had health problems and had to use a wheelchair, but I never thought she would pass away so soon.

Rest In Peace Barby. You will be greatly missed, and we will always remember you.


I'm sad that you went, but grateful that I met you here.
My sincere condolences to friends and family of Barby.


There were tears rolling down my cheeks as I made this post earlier.

I'm sorry to be the one who broke the news. I (and many others) lost a friend today.

The amount of messages both here and on other social media sites testify to an incredible lady. A wonderful person with Intregrity, Charisma, Humour, Patience, A Love of teaching (And watching a clod like me finally understand how to mod a game), sharing witty banter and Risque Jokes!!!

I'll Miss you!
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extending sincerest condolences to her entire family & friends...  :crytissue:

she had an impact that inspired thousands...  &idea

grace keep her in good peace...  :wings:



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Oh , Barbara ... so true . Sorry for my casualness . :(

She was the first person from the community I dared to contact , needing advices , ten years ago and it was so obvious that it had to be her ... She has been very kind , helpful , enthusiastic ... and I know I disappointed her later when I declined his invitation to join the  BSC Team . What did I say then ; "not enough time" or something like ? Well , the truth is that she was so demanding ( and self-demanding ) and rigorous than I feared to be not up to his standards while the BSC Team was already a moribund she tried to keep alive come hell or high water ; I remember perfectly all conflicts  at Simtropolis , then Simpeg ... Now the story is over .

For sure there was and there is still plenty of talented BATers , MODers and LOTers but Barbara was , is and will be forever the most SC4 devoted and influential personality  . Kind of things we can fully see only when it's too late . Goodbye Lady Barbara Winterton .

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My heartfelt apologies from myself and all of the NAM team. Losing one of our most dedicated members and wonderful modders, you will surely be missed.  :crytissue:

Your legacy will live on with the creations that you have created! I had never had contact with you but I know you where a special part of SC4D and the SimCity world in general.

As for the Queen on SC4D this is a massive loss. You will be remembered! Heartfelt condolences to you, your family and friends.

-eggman121/ Stephen


I think this past Tuesday,
a part of SC4 devotion passed on  &cry2

You will be so, so ,..missed from this community Barb..  :'(

My heart goes out to her family, those in the community who are saddened by the news, and myself..

Tough evening for all us here..



wow ... the sc4 community has lost a legend, she will be badly missed. RIP.
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I think it goes without saying that Barby's contributions to this site and the whole SC4 community are without parallel.  She was an absolutely integral part of this place.  I had the pleasure of getting to know her over the past 8 years as a friend and colleague, both as a fellow staff member and content creator.  She had an amazing sense of humor, and I'll always remember our MSN chats fondly.  I'm still in shock that she's gone--I'm getting a bit choked up myself now.  My condolences to the whole Winterton family--we lost an amazing woman today.


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Never gets easier hearing we've lost a valued member of the community.  Rest in peace; and my condolences.


I'm very saddened to learn of Barby's passing. She was a truly talented custom content creator and a highly skilled player of SC4, whose work no doubt inspired many a player and whose dedication allowed others to become skilled modders themselves.
On top of that, she was one of the most respected members on all of the forums, and rightly so. The community will not quite be the same without her, but we can at least console ourselves with the fact that her legacy will live on forever in her many wonderful creations.

Needless to say, I would like to offer my deepest condolences to Barby's family and friends. I think I speak for the entire SC4D community when I say that our thoughts are with you all.

- Chris

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Derry text me tonight of this shocking news. It is very sad news indeed and very unbelievable. If not for Barbara the game as we know it would not be where it is today. She influenced so many with her knowledge and even though her level of expectation was through the roof for doing modding correctly, it was for all good reasons.....the love of the game. I for one learnt a lot from her and enjoyed the man chats we had. She will be missed by me and many others.
My condolences to her family and friends. May she rest in peace and with God.

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Over the years, Barby has helped and advised countless SC4D members. The fledgling NUTs-team members were among the fortunate folks who benefited from her counseling, and I will be forever in her debt. Now she is gone, but will never be forgotten.
Rest in peace my dear friend and mentor.


Words fail me, I cannot believe that she has passed.

Barby was the one who invited me to the BSC all those years ago (when we all chatted on instant MSN for hours and hours!).

To me, she was, and still is, this game.

There are few people who knew so much, who helped and mentored so many so tirelessly. She was always there to share knowledge, honesty and a wise craic. There are only a few people who have been as selfless and as influential as she was (and that is saying something in a community of many great people). My sincerest condolences to her family and many, many friends.

Barby, I will miss you dearly.

R.I.P., Goddess....


No words can describe the huge hole Barby's passing has left... My dear friend, to whom I owe so much, I just wish we could have saddled up for one last time. You inspired me to pick up the BAT and run, which changed the course of my life immensely, something I never really realised until just now.

Farewell Goddess, teacher, mentor, mother, fighter.... Friend
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The queen of Simcity4 has passed away.
Sorry for the loss, sorry for a good teacher. May she rest in peace.