Saw the light on - thought I'd say g'day

Started by deadwoods, July 01, 2015, 05:50:48 AM

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Hi Folks, I'm amazed this community is still going after all these years.

I've been playing SimCity Buildit on my phone for the past week and made me think of my old SC4 custom content days. It's great to see folks still getting enjoyment from the stuff we did back in the day. And, no, I've got no idea where dependency XYZ is (I think all my old files have gone from my home PC).

Anyway, if anyone here still remembers me - G'day from Australia (and wherever else around Asia I may be from week to week).

Regards, David Edwards.
David, aka deadwoods


welcome back- I showed up a bit after you quit posting- I live in Colorado. so hi for Colorado USA.
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Well hello from Boston! I've been around since 2006.. and yes, I remember the good ol' days.. although it's nice to see people coming around to say hi and all the good stuff!


Howdy from the northern rockies, USA.  Of course I remember you from the old BSC board (which disappeared a few years ago, it seems. &mmm)


Glad to See you visiting here David  :)

g'day from country Victoria Australia. Australia is a big place remember  "$Deal"$

Well content is still being made on new content and NAM 33 is still in the works  $%#Ninj2 So hopefully new content will snare some people back to SC4.



Hi David,

Nice to see you are still alive.
Greetings form a smal town in the Netherlands. And yes, the community is still alive, although some areas seem to be a bit silent.


Here's a big "welcome back" from the other side of the world!  &dance  It's good to see you, David.  I still use your content, especially the rural fire stations which are perfect for those "just a spot on the road" communities which manage to have a volunteer fire department but not even a gas station.

I'm still here, although I have to battle some other interests from time to time as well as bouts of RL.
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Hey David. Glad to see you post again!

The outskirts of Lisbon says 'Hi!' back to you  ()stsfd()
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