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Started by KitFisto69, July 02, 2008, 02:39:22 AM

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[ presentation will be translated :thumbsup: ]
so at first, the original presentation, at french. Don't worry, she will be translated   ;)

There is a social European Union who gives independance for a lot of countries but Basque country is independant since 1924. Voi is the capital of the Basque country since the Independance.

-Habitants (2007): 2 862 150
with Basques (89 %), Castilian (4 %), Arragonais (3 %), Occitans (3 %), Autres (1 %)
-Religion:    Catholics (95 %), Muslims (3%), Jews (2 %)
-Language : Basque (92 %), Spanish (4 %), French (2%), Occitan (1%)

-currency: €uro
-Official language: Français
-internet domain: .eus
-Associations: UE ,ONU ( AVH (Haussman Cities Association) and a Twinning with the city of Sohori for city of Voi)
-National Day: August,16th ( independance day)
-National Anthem: here!

now,all of the originals pictures from TSC. some of then are old and not very nice.
but the futures update will be in TSC and here  ;)

terminal 0 for official receptions
terminals 1 & 2 for regional flight (france & spain)
terminals 3,4 & 5 for international flight
terminal 6 for low cost flight ( Ryanair & Easyjet)

that's all for old pictures  ;)

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Hi Kit (je suis Davidl de TSC)
Welcome to SC4 dévotion
Your city is looking very good I love your airport
My new city is now here
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Whoa... Colossal first post. I'm interested.
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Exceptional pics. Your first post has set a high bar, but from what I have seen, I'm sure you will continue to meet it. Some of those beach pics are among the best I have seen. I look forward to your next updates, but I hope you pace yourself a bit. It's great to see all these pics, but I would suggest spreading them out over a few updates in the future. This will also allow us to enjoy each pic more. Excellent first post though, and I look forward to more.


I see a very interesting map of Europe...it's a pity the post is still mainly in French, hope you'll translate it soon so that I can understand the history of the country as well... 
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thanks a lot guys
so now i have published the official video for the nation's day (august 16th)
this video, made by government, will be broadcast in all TVs of the country  :)
video here


It's nice but I have'nt the feeling with this MD...
C'est dans les ténèbres que l'on voit la lumière...et dans la lumière que l'on voit les ténèbres...



I like it, it would probably be a bit more fun when you post some information regarding some of the pictures under them, because at the moment it's somewhat an impersonal list of pictures, which, again, I really like.
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thanks for yours comments
caspervg > it's like that because there are old pictures. don't worry, the future pictures will be comment in english. (if you want, you can see the descriptions in Tout Sim City here  :thumbsup:


Fantastic start there of your MD! And the pictures are looking very good! That is a really wonderful city!!

Looking forward to more, KitFisto69... ;)


thanks men
so this is a new MAJ
in a new format: shorter but more

at first, this is a residential sector, in the west of the city

so, in the west too, a little dynamic sector

and for the end, the pinewood, next to the river

that's all!


excellent work, c'est magnifique! you have a great city, and the airport looks great!
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It's very beatiful! Félicitations Kit'!->Congratulations Kit'!
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 &apls muy bueno lo del puente del calatraba y lor pinchos de colores
(hare caso omiso al mapa de "europa" porq has puesto españa donde va castilla" ;D )


thanks a lot my friends  :)
so todays is a new MAJ!
and to begin, the end of the "coulée verte" , a park who remplaced an highway

the stadium of the Voi C de F

the tradition is painting in yellow a line for one week when the team win the derby

the river...

now we leave Voi for going to Santa Marguerita, a sea station

the garrigua...

and for the end, the aqualand!

that's all!

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very nice update my friend  &apls
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Great job in this new update my friend  :thumbsup:
I'm until forward to the next update
My new city is now here
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