Started by etherian, May 28, 2008, 07:01:59 AM

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This MD is shaping up very nicely, keep up the great work!



Before this month is over, while I still have time in this special spot on SC4D, I would like to show one last picture to thank everyone for the wonderful comments and encouragement. My apologies for not getting back to some of the questions sooner, but it was a worthwhile break away from SC4 - hopefully I'll be back for a while and also be stronger than ever ;)

art128: Thanks, the blue flowers are from Chrisadams' Rural Renewal Project, you can't miss it!

rooker1: Thank you for the kind words Robin, I will enter them when I'm lucky enough to be online while that tenth vote is cast!

Godzillaman: Sorry for the delay, here's the link for them - I can't read Japanese but those creations don't seem to be creating problems in my cities or game, I do believe they are quite safe to unleash onto your cities ;)

Speedbump Joey: They are some custom lots I downloads over at the STEX at Simtropolis, (its getting late, I'll look up the link for you tomorrow ;)) they are meant to be boulevard parking spaces, they also increase commercial demand in your cities - don't know how much exactly but I don't believe it to be valued ridiculously improbable ;D

ben_meissner: a fellow designer, hooray!

Cockatoo-210893: Hahaha, thanks! ST does move a little faster on the CJ pages though, its so hard to see everything all the time :)

bat: Thank you again, my friend!

turtle: Thank you very much for the comment, I see now that the connection between type and city may seem straight-forward in my head, but perhaps it loses its familiarity - I'll have to look into other methods of showing these connections. Those parking spaces are from the STEX, as I've explained to Speedbump Joey (who also asked where they are), the link will come tomorrow :P

S_imon: Thank you (I'm going to take a stab here :P), Simon! I'm still have some believe in certain Maxis buildings, this is mostly driven by the fact that I haven't grown all of them yet!

bohort: You are too kind my friend, hope to see you in Typographia again soon :thumbsup:

rushman5: Thanks, and thank you again for bringing this to page 4 :P

Edit: For those of you looking for the one-way boulevard parking spaces, here is the link, number 17 & 18 are what you need, ones a LHD, the other RHD.
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Wonderful work on that mosaic there, etherian! Fantastic new update!
And congrats on 4 pages.

Looking forward to more...


That is a fantastic mosaic, showcases your brilliant city building skills very well :)

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My new city is now here
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amazing mosaic here etherian  :thumbsup: very realistic  &apls
thanks for the flower  ;)
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Excellent, i particular love the rail networks between El-rail and heavy el rail.  No problem, I always turn the pages round here :P


Great Mosaic update there etherian.  The way you use different levels is very inspiring.  Road, Rail, El Rail....... Embankment, embankemnt, road........ You create good feelings of depth that make me want to experiment myself.

I liked this update VERY much. :thumbsup:


Hello, etherian!

Forgive my absence for your previous update, I do apologize! It was absolutely wonderful, my friend! The amount of detail that goes into your work is astounding! It looks as though every tile that is worked is done with meticulous precision!

And the current mosaic is splendid, too! Your transportation networks are just wonderful, especially those new stations. Just magnificent work, here!

Take care, my friend, and I'll be back to see what else you have in store for us!



Just thought you'd like to know that your CJ is featured in a post on [my SC4 blog].  I did a bit of an overview; check it out to see what I have to say :thumbsup:!
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Excellent mosaic. The transportation networks, including that double level station, are superb, and the design is very clean (as it should be). There is a bus about 1/2 way down that seems to be having some issues (but that's likely a side effect of a long model trying to turn into the turning lane). Always neat to see what you come up with.


I just read your MD and it's at least impressive. The pictures look smooth, and I especially like the mosaic picture. Keep it up!

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Woaw! It's a very big mosaic! ;) &apls &apls
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