Ural Valley

Started by bob56, March 08, 2009, 02:22:25 PM

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@rooker1: Thanks for reminding me. they've all been resized. I'm going to try to stick with 800x600, and go only up to 1024.


I'm getting close to showing you more of your city, but for now I thought I would showcase some terraforming I've been working on. I hope to show a full region pic in a few weeks, when all the terraforming is complete. Here are some pics of uncivilized beauty.

I'm using the Italia terrain mod, and a cool blue water mod.

Some snowcapped mountains

a mesa

This right here is a picture of special importance. Remember this for the next update, and see how over-pumping water ruins this great river. Stay tuned!!

Thanks for visiting!!
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3-4 "Pequot Water Supply Company"

finally, the plugin mess has been sorted out! City updates are here!!!

Last update I told you to remember this picture.

It's of the Adler River, named for its enormous eagle population. However, this once great waterway is drying up, due to the fact that the town wants its own rivers!!
The citizens of this town, who wanted to remember their homeland, built these great canals. They invested in the Pequot Water Supply Company to fill their newly-constructed transportation systems. However, The company is sucking the river dry and building excessive canals for a profit...

Here is (kind of) a close up

As you can see, there is a small city completely surrounded by canals. This is one of the ways the water supply company makes their money...let's focus on their pumping stations.

There are three: East, West, and Central. Here is a picture of the east and west stations. they are extremely similar.

Here is a picture of the central plant. They are all very similar and are all directly connected via pipeline to the canals.

The town inside the canal is adament about parks. The canal is fully functional and visited by ferries, transporting around the 'square' and out to the industrial district. On half of the towns border, a series of park paths connect the ferry stops, culminating in the city park...

That's all for this update!!! Please comment and give me your opinion of how things are doing!!
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The Following Update is brought to you by the Ural Valley Armada, protecting all of us since 1684. The Ural Valley Armada has finished construction on a new radar and emergency bunker station,

and is looking for workers. If you or anyone you know might be interested, please call 3-700-UVA-JOIN


This update takes place in beautiful Pequot, in the northern part of the region, north of Ural City.

There have been new housing developments ever since tourists flocked to see the canals, and decided to stay. They were required, however, to live off the main, surrounded by canals section, since that was reserved for Pequot Int. workers only. (many citizens were disgruntled about this, but they have had to make due with away from the canals.

Also in construction, the Ural City zoning commission has approved construction of a suburb just north of Ural city, but south of Pequot.

The expected rise in traffic has pushed construction of a new interstate, I-15, to be built between Ural City and Pequot. Construction has already begun.

The new 4-lane interstate has been partially constructed (with dirt roads marking the future path). THe main endeavor, however, is a northbound bridge crossing 'Why' Lake.

quick history of why lake: The settler who discovered it was basically illiterate, and when he told his camp about its existence, someone misinterpreted him and wrote 'WHY' instead of 'Y'

Anyway, this 1.5 million bridge will also be a prime spot for fisherman to catch the legendary 15-foot long monster that is said to lurk within its waters.

In conclusion, here's a train heading toward the construction site from Pequot, carrying vehicles and supplies to help the construction crew meet its 18-month deadline to finish the entire thing.

Thanks for visiting!! PLEASE, PLEASE comment and let me know what you like and what you don't like.
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Great update, but why is it called "Why" Lake? I really wonder why ,hehe &apls :thumbsup:

Tomas Neto

Good progress on your region! It's getting very good!


omg so that's what a car jacking looks like? bahahaha  :D that's awesome. i wonder what the other crimes look like.

awesome MD btw! very nice road networks also!

Please visit my MD! Also, come over to the League of Nations and be a part of it! We'd love to see you there!



@Nexis4Jersey: hmm, wonder why  :P.

@Tomas Neto: Thanks!

@dizflip: I wasn't planning on that, but when I saw it it was too hard to resist showing!

Update Fourteen!!(mini-update)

Construction on I-15 has been completed, and the highway is now open! This comes 3 weeks after the targeted deadline. The highway ends in the north with a confusing interchange, which branches into many different routes into the town. (for your help I've provided arrows showing the direction of traffic.)

Here's a close-up: as you can see, most traffic is southbound. Engineers envision another highway on the east side of the city, but that's still on the drawing boards.

here's an aerial view of the completed (northbound) Why Lake Bridge.

And finally, an exit near the new development just north of Ural City

Thanks for visiting! More of Pequot will be shown in the next update! Please Comment and let me know what you think!
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Wow, that's quite an interchange.  It takes up a lot of space IMO but if you don't mind that it really adds a lot of interest.  :thumbsup:


Cool Interchange a little big for my taste though, but still cool :thumbsup:



@Djvandrake and Nexis4Jersey: Thanks! I made it larger because I had the room, and I thought it looked neat. If space becomes an issue, I will have to compact it. Same goes with the one I show today..

Update 15!!

just a nice little update to show what i've been working on...a new military base in Pequot!!

this is all I've got so far, believe me, it will look much nicer when its finished

the entrance is especially complicated. It's a 8-lane entry and exit area, with guard towers and checkpoints soon to come. notice the lane configuration

and finally, here's one of my confusing interchanges...I know they aren't the most space-saving, but I love making them!! (Why Lake is directly south)

That's all for now, I hope to have monthly updates at the least, with school and other stuff. Please comment!


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I'm sorry to have to say this, but this MD is going to have to be made inactive for the time being. I have realized that due to RL things, I'm not able to devote the amount of time needed to produce a well-made MD. I still will be at this site and doing other jobs and responsibilities, but I havn't the time to work hard on this and produce good quality updates.
Once again, I'm sorry

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