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Started by pierreh, October 12, 2011, 07:55:54 AM

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The RTMT team is preparing a set of stations for the new networks available with the Network Widening Mod (NWM) : TLA-3, AVE-2, ARD-3, etc.

Because some of these networks feature narrow sidewalks, a new type of bus stop is introduced, under the name of « bus sign » in English. This is a bus stop that has no shelter ; it has only a pole with a sign indicating that buses stop there.

It is difficult at this time to illustrate how a « bus sign » will look in the game, because those stops are still under development. However, to give an idea, here is a picture of a bus sign on a narrow sidewalk in RL :

Bus signs can vary in their look, include the bus schedules (as in the picture, on the plate parallel to the sidewalk, barely visible) or have only a plate with a bus pictogram, etc. The essential feature is that there is no shelter because there is no room for it.

This is a translation request for « bus sign ». The term may require some adaptation in the various languages. For example, in French I have opted for « poteau d'arrêt de bus » which translates into « bus stop pole » - but if another French contributor can come up with a better translation we will use that one.

  • 0x03  French – poteau d'arrêt de bus
  • 0x04  German - Bushaltestellenschild
  • 0x05  Italian - Segno di Fermata
  • 0x06  Spanish - Señal de parada de autobus
  • 0x07  Dutch - Bushalte zonder bushokje
  • 0x08  Danish - Busholdeplads (skilt)
  • 0x09  Swedish - Busshållplats utan busskur
  • 0x0a  Norwegian - Bussholdeplass (skilt)
  • 0x0b  Finnish - Bussin Kylttipysäkki
  • 0x0f  Japanese (special treatment)
  • 0x10  Polish - Znak przystanku autobusowego
  • 0x11  Simplified Chinese (special treatment)
  • 0x12  Traditional Chinese (special treatment)
  • 0x13  Thai (special treatment)
  • 0x14  Korean (special treatment)
  • 0x23  Portugese - Sinal de Paragem de Autocarro

(Note : Japanese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Thai and Korean, which do not use the roman alphabet, will be treated separately with their respective translators ; please PM me for these languages).

Thanks in advance for your contributions !


0x06 Spanish   Señal de parada de autobus

And if you want you could add:

0x15 Catalan   Senyal de parada d'autobús

Catalan speakers are about 7 million people, more or less like Danish or Swedish, but nobody know/remember us  :( ;)

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0x0b Finnish - Bussin Kylttipysäkki

0x04 German - Bus Schildhaltestelle

would be my suggestions for those languages. :)


0x07 Dutch: Bushalte zonder bushokje.
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0x04 German: Bushaltestellenschild
0x05 Italian: Segno di Fermata


0x23  Portugese : paragem de autocarro
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0x10  Polish : znak przystanku autobusowego

Sorry for any mistakes! I'm writing with translator!


0x09  Swedish: Busshållplats utan busskur


Thank you very much for these quick replies and contributions to my translation request. At this time we are only missing Danish and Norwegian (aside from the special processing required for languages using non-latin characters), which I am sure will come soon.

@Kergelen: I would be pleased to add catalan to the set, but, on one hand I do not think that it is an official language in SimCity4 at this time, and one the other hand I shudder to think of all those myriads of texts in the various mods, that would then require translating and updating.

@art128: The normal bus stop, with a shelter, is already translated into Portugese as 'Paragem de autocarros': then we need another translation for 'bus sign' that expresses the idea, either that it does not have a shelter, or that it consists of only a pole with a sign.


0x08  Danish - Busstopskilt
0x0a  Norwegian - Busstoppskilt

Those are most in line with the German translation - ("bus stop sign"). If you want a more unified approach, the bus stops with shelters should be:

0x08  Danish - Busholdeplads
0x0a  Norwegian - Bussholdeplass

and without shelters:

0x08  Danish - Busholdeplads (skilt)
0x0a  Norwegian - Bussholdeplass (skilt)


That's actually also the case with dutch. The correct translation of "bus stop sign" is "bushaltebordje". However, when you have two lots (one with shelter and one without), the lots should be named "Bushalte met bushokje" (with shelter) and "Bushalte zonder bushokje" (without shelter)
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Quote from: Douzerouge on October 14, 2011, 12:28:27 AM
@art128: The normal bus stop, with a shelter, is already translated into Portugese as 'Paragem de autocarros': then we need another translation for 'bus sign' that expresses the idea, either that it does not have a shelter, or that it consists of only a pole with a sign.

I remember last time I was in Portugal, the bus sign without shelter were named "Paragem de Autocarros".. but I think "Sinal de Autocarro" would work great for a non shelter stop... But I think if Rayden can stop by it would be better, as he is Portuguese, I only have origins :D
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Effectively, either with or without shelter, in Portugal the correct expression it's "Paragem de Autocarro". Never heard about "Sinal de Autocarro", but "Sinal de Paragem de Autocarro" it's different and it can be used, but commonly it's only "Paragem de Autocarro" witch means translated directly to "Stop of Bus", more common know as Bus Stop. :P


Uhm, oczomajster has already written translation, but in my opinion "bus stop pole" is more common name in Polish than "bus stop sign".

Bus stop sign - Znak przystanku autobusowego
Bus stop pole - Słupek przystanku autobusowego 

I think this need some discussion. I'll try to answer also tomorrow  :P
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I apologize for having been away from this thread for a few days. Thanks a lot to the various contributors above, and the precisions about the various translations.

The general issue we have here is that the development of the RTMT stations has been, and still is, an evolving process, as more networks are being added to the game by various teams (RHW, NWM, etc). In the beginning things were simple, there was one single model of bus stop that included a shelter, so that we got:

bus stop = bus stop with (implicitely) a shelter - this was applied to all languages

The 'bus stop on a narrow sidewalk', that has no shelter, appeared later, and we have to find a way to distinguish it properly, inasmuch as possible, from the bus stop with shelter that has been simply called 'bus stop' and that cannot be changed retroactively. Then we have, in English:

bus sign = bus stop without shelter, implicitely as only a 'bus pole'

and in the various translations, we try to convey that meaning as closely as possible.

I will edit the descriptions in the first post of this thread, according to the latest suggestions, and I invite again all contributors to verify that we got it as correctly as feasible.