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First of all , sorry for missing two update..
secondary, Congratulation on your OSITM ! &apls
the last update is by far my favorite, Really awesome city, the mount looks awesome.
Great work, looking forward to the next update.

Arthur.  :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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Ok about time for posting in your awesome MD mate. First congrats for the award  &apls &apls It`s well deserved because we can see that you have a great skill for doing LE work and do great layout and photoshop too.  :thumbsup: You can be sure that i gonna looking forward for sure. Have fun


Congratulations on a very well-deserved award!
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Wonderful old world architecture here, coupled with fantastic presentation.  Endora well deserves the extra attention that a month in the special interest section should give it.  Great work!

D. Edgren

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Congratulations, antimoneycat! You've already shown off many of your talents since Endora was introduced three weeks ago. So I'm confident you will make an even more impressive showing during your time in OSITM. Looking forward to it! :)



Congrats on the very well deserved move to OSITM. 
It should be a great month for you and the others to show off your talents and give your MD that extra little attention that David mention above.
I look forward to spending some time here.
Robin  :thumbsup:
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Congrats on OSITM. When I saw your city, I said "excellent, this is beautiful".  :thumbsup:
Thank you for visiting Kolbrów, and for being for last ten years!


My gosh this is a very beautiful city, antimoneycat!

The older areas at once remind me of Bath or Oxford. I love the open spaces in between the W2W areas and how each is defined, suggesting the speculative terrace builder. The way your development is staggered up the hills is really beautiful. Well done! :thumbsup:

PS(You use my Bats better than I do! &apls :D )


Wow! :o

You certainly have one of the most unique styles I've ever seen and it's absolutely gorgeous! $%Grinno$% Your use of the natural terrain and elevation is simply remarkable...I could never have the patience to build on such uneven terrain, but you pull it off magnificently. :)

I especially love the use of the steam train. ;)
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Belmont Village
Belmont Village is located to the North of the historic centre of Belmont, on the junction between Sugar Loaf Hill and Loppi Road. During the day, the village is the place to come for small, upmarket shops, cafes and boutiques or during the evening, the fair with its amusements is always worth a look.

Spending the evening in Belmont Village is popular with the local residents and offers a much calmer alternative to the wild extravagance of the city centre nightlife. A meal or a drink at one of the local cafes followed by a visit to the fair or a moonlit stroll by the pond is always a recommended experience. Should you decide to have a more intense evening experience, a 6 minute train ride to the city centre is available via nearby Sugar Loaf Hill station.

Blyth Heath
A view of the heath looking North. Blythe Heath is a large public open space North of Belmont, popular with leisure walkers, sports activities, picnickers and kiteflyers. The heath is hilly and windswept during the colder months but offers a fantastic view of the river and estuary all year round.

Freya Crater
81 years ago on midsummer night, 1703, residents throughout Endora felt a rumbling sensation, followed by a large booming sound. Windows and furniture were shattered and toppled throughout Belmont Village. In the morning local residents found the ground had opened up and formed large crater on the Eastern end of Blyth Heath. Luckily no one was seriously hurt in the incident. It was concluded that an uncharted massive underground cavern (common in Endora) had collapsed due to recent heavy rainfall, although many alternative explanations exist, ranging from the improbable to silly. However, to this day many visitors have reported feeling dizzy or disorientated whilst standing in the crater, others even report their timepieces suddenly stopping.

Exhibition Hall Ruins
In 1712 Endora hosted the World Exhibition for the first time, showcasing inventions and wonders from around the known world and Empire. The centrepiece of the event was the (then) largest glass and metal structure ever built, the great Exhibition Hall. 234 metres in length, the hall was a marvel of engineering and the event was a great success. After 1712 the hall was used for a variety of purposes such as a tropical greenhouse and studio and laboratory space for Endora University. This last use would spell the demise of the structure. In 1733 the building caught fire, which then turned into a raging inferno due to flammable substances within. For the last 51 years, the hall remained standing and the ruins are now an attraction in itself.

Belmont Observatory
Belmont observatory was used by the University's Astronomical department for its research into the heavens. In recent years, larger telescopes and light pollution from the city has lessened its usefulness but is still used on occasion for scientific work. The observatory is now open to the public and offers bookings for use of telescope by amateur astronomers and students.

Westferry Temple
Westferry Temple, in South Belmont offers solace and reflection with your deity/deities of choice. The Westferry hospital next door offers care for non-urgent ailments

Westwood Hill and Caves
Westwood Hill is a public park located between the city centre and Belmont, at its 'summit' the hill commands great views over the port of Endora. The park sits on top of a vast network of caves that stretch for miles throughout the city. A popular attraction, the caves, both natural and man-made consist of silver and gem mines, subterranean rivers, a hotel and theatre and an ancient temple to an unknown god. The caves also contain a variety of fossils of bizzare ancient beasts as well as living organisms such as bats and will-o-wisps.

The Westwood Hotel and one of the cave entrances.


Evanator: Thank you very much.
Pat: Thanks. Credit should go to the creator of the fantastic bat though :)
Rooker1: Thanks a lot for the comments! though I'm not sure about the picture contest, the contest topic is vast and I'm not really sure where to begin. I'll take another look later.

Schulmanator: Thanks for the comments!
Shimmy: Thank you! It took me a while to decide which station to use.
Knuckleball: Thanky very much.
Battlecat: Cheers, it's the Maxis university but I tried to integrate it into the surroundings.
Bat: Thanks for the nice comments!
Engorn: Thanks for stopping by. Which Salem do you mean?
Thundercrack83: Thanks to the staff who put my MD in the OSITM section. I know it's still new but I'll try to update as often as I can :)
Art128: Thanks for stopping by. Glad you liked the last update.
Kimcar: Thanks for the comment :)
Dedgren: Thank you very much!
Jmouse: Thanks for stopping by again, hopefully I'll be able to squeeze a few updates in this month.
Kbieniu7: Thank you!
Mattb325: Thanks. I based some aspects of Endora on Bristol, which has some areas that are similar to Bath (but not as grand) so i'm glad you noticed the similarity :) (Thanks for the fantastic Bats too!)

Dark_Jedi06: Thanks a lot! The hills were a challenge to build on and I haven't got it perfect but I'm pretty happy with the results.


WOW!  What a beautiful mix of pictures today.  That ruined building looks amazing.  Those caves are a nifty touch as well!


Normally, I will just take a quick glance at the MD's on this site and continue browsing. Your MD is something else, and I mean that in a good way. You're doing a great job with the history of the places and creating the atmosphere of the MD. Excellent job with the caves. They must have taken awhile to photoshop into the image. &apls

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You`re not only great MD you got skill for batting too. Great work with the layout and i like the cave . :thumbsup:


Nice places of Belmont and Westwood! Great work on them! The pictures are beautiful! :thumbsup:


Wonderful work here, antimonycat! You have a very unique approach to things, it's so refreshing! And it looks amazing, too!

Can't wait to see more!



WOW! You have a fantastic imagination antimonycat. You've created some kind of retro-futurism. It seems to be a view of what the future might have looked like viewed from the perspective of someone living in the 1800's. You mix the styles very well. I love it. Please keep the updates coming. I'm anxious to see what you come up with next.

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Now, I know for what you're here !  &apls
That update and these pictures are simply outstanding !
I like a lot Westwood Hill and Caves.. :P

Arthur. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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Copperminds and Cuddleswarms



Carme is an island in central Endora consisting mainly of industrial buildings and docks. Carme was originally a marshy area where small ships could land at low tide but over the years the marsh was drained and the re-channeling of the river Tansy formed Carme into an island. The docks here tend to be bigger than those in the older historic harbourside and can better support larger ships.

Endora Skyline
This view of Endora was taken from Carme looking towards the city centre. Regent Square can be seen in the near distance.

Lenown Shipyard
The Lenown shipyard is one of the largest employers in Endora with more than 35,000 workers to its name.  The Lenown company owns numerous factories and docks throughout the city. As well as constructing vessels for both the Navy and civilian use, the company funds shipbuilding and engineering research projects.

Carme Docks
A merchant ship unloading coffee, tobacco and exotic fruits. Such goods are becoming cheaper but are still expensive due to the great distance the cargo has to travel.

A ship carrying herbs, plants and small trees prepares to depart Dock 15.

Marsh Rock
As its name suggests, Marsh Rock was once a rocky hill on the north end of the Carme marsh. Today it's population consists mainly of industrial workers from the Lenown shipyard and other nearby factories. The area is served by a train station and is close to the city centre.

South Carme
The southern end of Carme is a small leafy area which apparently retains a village atmosphere despite the large housing building the brand new highway.

Moth Lane
Moth Lane, a busy industrial street during the day, is popular with fans of experimental music and films at night. The Moth Lane Hotel and Inn contains a massive and wonderfully intricate electric organ. Built 11 years ago by the eccentric Haydn Fantine, the organ contained an analogue computing device powered by steam and electricity which produced the unearthly yet beautiful synthetic tones that were a great influence on the decade's music.


Battlecat: Thanks for the comment!
Swamper77: Thanks for stopping by and glad you liked this md.
Kimcar: Thanks! But I'm not great at Batting, I've found the tools really irritating to use so I'm only able to make simple content. All the complex custom stuff you see here like the ships are mostly Photoshop I'm afraid, though I've never really hidden that fact.

Bat: Thanks for the reply.
Thundercrack83:  Thank you.
Caliban X: Yeah I love retro-futuristic theming, I wish there was more content based on it. Thanks for the comment!
Art128: Thanks a lot for the nice comments.
JoeST: Thanks!


Good stuff! The skyline shot is great. I love your style.

A durigible would be a great addition to the LEX. Maybe someone will make one. Shouldn't take too long. (Hint, hint)

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