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Started by marcszar, March 24, 2007, 06:42:43 PM

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Your work is fantastic. As a person who grew up in some of those buildings in New York City I say thank you for making them. I will be able to recreate my actual neighborhood pratically because of your bats. My cousins grew up in those high-rise ones you made that have the basketball courts on top. Top notch work I cannot wait til these come out. I will work hard to make sure I can get them to grow in my city  &apls


I'm having the same problem as Brian...I can't these to grow. My low-wealth demand is thru the roof so that's not the issue. Any advice?


Thanks for the response, Marcszar. I guess I don't have enough people in my city yet? - only about 250k. Is that not enough for the 5x5? Oh well, I'll just keep growing my region and trying for them.

Those new projects look fantastic, btw. 


Both Brian and Alex definitely have large enough regions to grow R§ of stages 7 and 8 (which all these houses are).
Actually, once your regional population gets past 200,000-300,000, you will see less stage 7 and 8 growing than higher stages.

Megalots have always been more difficult to grow, probably due to them being larger than the in-game tract size of 4×4.
Read more about growing frequency and tracts here:

While testing the CAM we had similar problems with getting the 5×5 stage 15 CO§§§ WTC to grow,
until suddenly MAS71 had, first 3, then 7 of them growing next to each other...
I still think it's only a matter of patience and time... these are ordinary growable R§ without any special modding.


Quote from: marcszar on December 29, 2008, 06:47:50 PMGwail- I definitely plan on releasing the X blocks, but I think Robin is still busy lotting them. You'll have to be patient for a bit longer.  ;)
The thought that some day I will be able to enjoy it as it goes and play it with LE is quite enough for me, Marc.
I only wanted to be sure if you would be so kind to make the diagonal (turned by 45 degrees) version of buildings ;).

Good luck, anyway.

Quote from: RippleJet on December 30, 2008, 01:48:38 AM
I still think it's only a matter of patience and time...
Confirmed! As I'm mostly the follower of growables (I always try to have up-to-date own list of all installed lots with their sizes) I can say that sometimes I've got to wait quite long to grow what I've planned to grow ;).
My misc works thread:
GWL workshop


Thanks a lot, Ripple, and also Marcszar for these wonderful lots.. the scope of this project is fantastic..
and I think the lower wealth housing needed a big boost like this from the modders..So this is really great
stuff what your trying to do with this housing project..

I think Ripple is right for myself and Alex, in that all that is needed is simply patience here.. The only doubt I
had was maybe there was some type of conflict with the CAM ,but it sounds like some of the testers were using
CAM to me, so I doubt that is any issue with these..

Ripple's thread was very helpful to me...also..

In understanding how the game choses what to build..I have a very high residential capacity,, My actual regional
capacity is close to 6 million now, with the regional population approaching 3 million... Which in a sense actually hurts my chances as ripple mentioned of growing what to me our now lower stages..The game actually first
looks more to the high stages when chosing what to build.. such that I have noticed my first stage 15 residentials
starting to come in now, and Ive noticed quite a few residentials in the the stages 12-13 area lately in my
cities.. Of course looking at it all more simply, if you now have the ability to grow 1 of 15 stages , than say earlier
when you had only the residential capacity to build say up to stage 8, than this also hurts your chances to grow
any 1 stage you are looking for..

Having tried zoning 5 X 5.. on occcasion I have been getting some R$ WangChao Phase 2 (cam)'s to grow..
but none of the Ny housing lots quite yet.. I was unable to find out a stage on the wangchao's even with the
Ilives reader.. But if we assume they might be a higher stage than the new york housing  say a stage 10
for example on those..than to this point the game first may be looking to that higher stage , and sorta trying to
fill the quota on that stage, before dropping down to the stage 7 and 8's of the ny housing... So 1 could
reason that as more and more of the WangChao's come in for me , my chances of getting one of the 5 X 5's to
grow in may be increasing..

as far as the larger sized zones go.. (i think mostly ive been trying with the 10 X 10 sized zone there)..
to this point  those have remained empty in my cities.. Thats a pretty unique zone dimension for me so
dont think anything else besides the NY housing can grow in those zones..If i can find some room some place
I may try even larger zone sizes, as ripple has confirmed that I do have a large regional capacity to to even
have a chance to get one of those to grow in..

Anyways, I will keep Alex, and everyone else posted as to when I get a few of these to grow in my cities.
otherwise I think this is one of the best projects currently going in in devotion right now..And my sincere
thanks to everyone involved in this.. and again a very special thanks to ripple jet with all the time he puts in
answering numerous questions and helping so many people here at devotion in so many different areas..

Regards, Brian


WangChao Phase 2 is a stage 8 if it is the one from the CAM Lots BXL 1 pack on the LEX. If it is the original from the STEX it is stage 6.
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 There is a litlle trick, which I'm sure most of you already know, but for those of you that don't I'll explain how I get certain things I want to grow, grow.  If you know how to do any modding, changing them to grow in one style, it will help out tremendously.  I have changed all of marcszar's stuff to grow only in the New York style.  I try to make sure my plugins are relatively empty, use the BSC No Maxis Files (which BTW is the only Maxis blocker compatible with the CAM) and lower the taxes to 0% for R$ (or R$$, which ever you are going for)and raise the others to the max.  Playing with the taxes usually ruins other areas of my city but they are also easy to fix in most cases, at least so far.  I make sure the demand is there, if it is not I have been known to destroy several blocks at a time of residential.  Always start with the larger lots and work your way to the smaller, I find this works for me.

Here is another little tutorial made by Alek King of SC4, a great master of getting things to grow in groups.

I hope this make sense and helps, if not just drop me a PM and I'll try to explain better.
BTW, I have had all 13 5x's, 5 10x10's and the 1 10x15 grow in my city, only problem is with the 15x15.  ()stsfd()
Robin  :thumbsup:
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Quote from: b22rian on December 30, 2008, 04:15:22 AM
Having tried zoning 5 X 5.. on occcasion I have been getting some R$ WangChao Phase 2 (cam)'s to grow.. but none of the Ny housing lots quite yet..

When the game decided to grow a 5×5 stage 8 R§ on that lot, you probably had about 50% chance of growing
either the WangChao (with 4855 R§) or the Riverdale Houses (with 4471 R§) on that lot, as both of those are stage 8.

Bennett Houses (with 3040 R§) and Jacob Riis Houses (with 3756 R§) are both stage 7.


To ripple jet , alex and others...

Thanks for all your help...I have gotten my first Ny city house to grow in.. As Ripple predicted it was the
Riverdale houses !
As ripple suggested it was just a matter of time before I would get a riverdale rather than a WangChao..
Thanks to every ones ideas.... Rooker 1, thats an interesting method you use..

Alex, I still would like to hear from you.. when the time arrives for your first NY housing project to grow in..



Those rowhouses are very awesome, especially the names.  Man, they sound familiar....  Anyways, nice work on the yards in the front, I actually used to live in one, and you have created perfect representations. And those rows should certainly be $$, simply because they are all occupied and there are still plants in the yards.  Next project-Heritage Crossing?


The new Baltimore rowhomes are great. I love the fact that they've got authentic Baltimore street names, too.

As a Baltimoron I greatly appreciate being able to plop little pieces of my humble hometown in my Simcities. Any more Baltimore stuff in the pipeline?


Wow - the rowhomes are absolutely amazing, and I didn't even know they were being made! lol.

Have you ever thought about luxury brownstones? :P


These are just stunning! So beautifully done :D They will make a nice contribution to your other NY style residential buildings!


Super nice looking row houses  :thumbsup: Between your work and goofguytpa's work we have  a complete replacement for the maxis NYC tileset mid-rise and high-rise residential apartments. Cannot wait to see what's next from you. BTW..what 3d program do you use? Maya or 3d studio max? I am thinking about purchasing a 3d program for myself eventually but cannot decide between the two. Most people I have asked said they use 3d Max. So far no one using Maya.


your new stuff looks great ...  :thumbsup:
can't wait to get it for my city ...



Some great new housing again, Marcszar!  I completely understand how you feel about details getting lost... the viewing angle never seems to help either.   :(  The brackets beneath your window and door headers are the first thing that comes to mind when I think of "unfortunate victims."  I've had some very elaborate cornice work on Smalltown buildings that you can't even see anymore because of the scale and the angle.  Either way, I'll be downloading just about anything you come up with and these will be a most welcome addition!   :thumbsup:


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Thanks you for the reply.  I would love to see any number of various b'more landmarks, maybe the B&O museum.  Other, more managable projects could include things like the rowhomes of Charles Village and the midrises of midtown (wow what an anomoly).  Could we see the rise of the Baltimore Public Markets???  Either way, the fact that Baltimore variety and architecture finding its way onto the net like this is quite a feat to a city that just had our mayor indicted (lol?).  I could never do it.  Heck, I even tried - and failed - at re-creating a couple Waltherson duplexes and Echodale homes (where I live, if you know the area)  I am very proud to say that the building that are represented here are of the utmost quality and accuracy, good work.

Those rowhomes from Troy look very nice as well.  Although the variations are even greater on these, they look blended and very nice.

Another note about Heratage Crossing:

I agree that it is very out of place.  The fact that is looks suburban doesn't neccesarily mean that there will be only suburban people and crime there.  I think the newer mixed income developments in East Baltimore along the Monument street corridor are a little more fitting to the area.  Although they are not nearly as historic and awe-inspiring as those a little further south in Patterson Park, they still aren't semi-detached aluminum-siding cookie cutter with curvy streets in Middle East.  I mean, could you imagine?  I also appreciate your thought and input in the matter, as we are now discussing at MERVO the effect of the suburban look on an decaying area (Heritage Crossing had its firts murder in 2008, 4 years after being built, better than those damn Murphy Homes).

PS: have you seen the new Legg Mason Tower and 4 Seasons going up?  They are very nice and fairly tall.


Those new rowhomes are looking good too. The air conditioners in the windows are a nice touch. Nice to hear that there might be some more Baltimore stuff in the pipeline, too.

A "more accurate" Domino Sugars Plant sounds interesting. I've actually been doing some really rudimentary re-lotting of that lately, for use in my city I'm working on. Nothing too complicated, I just lengthened the lot a bit, rotated the building to face away from the street and added some seawalls and cranes so I could plop it right on the water. Haven't found the right props yet to make a reasonable fascimile of the big sugar warehouse or tank or whatever that big thing is back there (I assume that might be what you mean by "more accurate" - including all that stuff?)

I actually drive a water taxi in the summers, so on nights that I work, I get a good look at that building about, oh, every 40 minutes or so  :D It's funny how many tourists don't realize it's still an operating sugar refinery. Even when there's a ship sitting right there unloading, people ask me if it's some kind of museum or something.


Quote from: SimNation on January 12, 2009, 06:43:54 AM
Super nice looking row houses  :thumbsup: Between your work and goofguytpa's work we have  a complete replacement for the maxis NYC tileset mid-rise and high-rise residential apartments. Cannot wait to see what's next from you. BTW..what 3d program do you use? Maya or 3d studio max? I am thinking about purchasing a 3d program for myself eventually but cannot decide between the two. Most people I have asked said they use 3d Max. So far no one using Maya.
Maya is geared towards animation, Max is more for still scenes and general models.

Stunning stuff as usual marcszar. I always find the rendering settings you use are very crisp and far superior to ingame (Like debussyman's as well). Could you tell me your secret?  ;)
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