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Started by marcszar, March 24, 2007, 06:42:43 PM

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Sam Johnson

Man this is an awesome degree of detail!  :)
&apls &apls


I just finished reading the 14 previous pages. It reminds me a lot of good memories (I used to live in Wash. DC) ::).

I think I'm gonna grow a northeast style city now !  :thumbsup:


babuloziwad / adj Above perfection in SC4; Dude, this MOD is ~ !


It's master piece marcszar  &apls &apls &apls

I really like the details and the way you use textures, really good job   :thumbsup:
The Floraler

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Very nice. :thumbsup: Maybe too many lights?

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Jack Bauer

I agree with Scirius. However it looks so great &apls


 There may be a few too many lights, but I wouldn't change it.  I don't think there too many people that actually play in night mode.  Anyways....every once in a while a building with a different amount of night lights would look good in my opinion.

I think it's perfect just the way it is.

Robin  &apls
Call me Robin, please.


I kind of have to agree about the night lights, but the whole thing is just beautiful as it is. Don't change anything.


I agree with TiFlo and Rooker. Diversity is good. Keep it like that !  :thumbsup:
babuloziwad / adj Above perfection in SC4; Dude, this MOD is ~ !


I'm glad to see your last project.
I don't post here very often, but i keep an eye on some threads (like yours), so i know about your work and the wonderful skills you have.
You've done an excellent job on the Earl court, and it's great to see your dedication in trying to understand the details of those old buildings rather than doing a superficial and unfaithful re-creation of them.... &apls

I can't say i appreciate it's nightlighting, though.There are too many lights, and while it might make it looking "different" at night it's not realistic at would be better to turn off some of the lights here and there, that's the only thing i think should be changed.

Other than this i'm waiting to download this building when it will be ready, and i will make sure to find a place for it!



Great to hear! Looking forward to seeing it on the LEX!  :thumbsup:


Quote from: cubby420 on September 02, 2010, 09:52:38 AM
Great to hear! Looking forward to seeing it on the LEX!  :thumbsup:

...HERE-Here  :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


If I could suggest a couple things:

Please make them $$, not $$$. This is my opinion from simply living near these houses (and this street actually, looks like Calvert and 28th).

Also, as they will fit in a little more with Simcity, not necessarily real life, I would make a couple without the triangle ornament thingy on the front roof line.  Actually, I would look at how it looks in the game, because I'm just thinking it might look a little ridiculous from the game's perspective; with our without the spire.  We shall see when rendering occurs.

Finally, I would really like to see these slop-conforming, even if its just steps and brick foundation.  Even if the picture doesn't portray it, Baltimore is borderline mountainous, especially in North Baltimore.  That said, I would certainly remove the curve along the sides of the front staircase. Few houses around here even have that.

Now, what I like!

The windows.  They are perfect amount of bump-out and the upper levels look clean, but not modern.  Just right!

The porch roof is perfect.  It matches the picture and matches the feel in RL.

The small basement windows on the front.  Don't forget the back, where many have basement steps!

I love it! And I love you are doing baltimore! Next stop: rowhouses of Upton! One can always hope right?


yay more Bmore BAT's :D also yes, they should be R$$, but most of your others are either R$ or R$$ so, im sure you werent going to make them R$$$ :p



As always, excellent! &apls &apls

Guillaume :thumbsup:
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Lot of details, more and more people are batting on skp, seems that it's a good tool
anyway good job  :thumbsup:
The Floraler

This is the end, hold your breath and count to ten, feel the earth move, and then...

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Aaron Graham

WOW!!!! Looks so great, &apls :thumbsup:  I'm so mad, just how you are so good at this. &cry2 it to good to be true.  /wrrd%&
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...a graphical, study displaying row-house life, presented with whimsy and the everyday, well done  :thumbsup 
the renderings turned out so well that it could be a photographic presentation as well  ???   :)



This is really a service to the city.  Have you thought about sending this stuff to the Sun or Citypaper?

Anyways, These renders can show just how accurate these houses are to people in case they don't know.  Even though a white young adult with two dogs in BelAir-Edison doesn't exist.

Subtle details I noticed and love:
The brick wakway from the sidewalk to the from stoop.
The beautiful streetside garden array.
impressive slope detail used in the porch roof line and at the end of the brick walkway. 


beautiful to see how realistic you can make those pictures  :)