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Started by GaryReggae, February 18, 2007, 05:03:58 AM

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Earth quake

Ok, thank you for this information.
You have therefore a lot of work on what I see. You  count to make again everything, at least it finished(I think Concrete car Park  and your very first bats which should be removed the dust. ^^)


i rate the ASDA project: (drum roll please) The Longest running Supermarket BAT project of 2009
Cannot wiat fo upload


I'm not dead, still here! I am sorry about the lack of anything finished, I have been through a lot of problems in RL of late. I will *try* and finish some of my many on going projects.


Hey Gary I know that RL sucks as its been mean to me as well but you know what this community still loves it when we pop in so dont worry let RL work it self out first and if you can sneek in again awesome!!!  But remember the light will always be on ;-)

Don't forget the SC4D Podcast is back and live on Saturdays @ 12 noon CST!! -- The Podcast soon to Return Here Linkie


cough, cough, cough !

I see Gary has forgot to sweep out the dust. ;) :D

Good to see you around Gary.


welcome back gary, maybe the bbc building will get finished XD
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Earth quake

Welcome back Gary.
I'm impatient to see your new projects and your ASDA finished.


i hope so....
i like the BBC building! anyway....
planning on releasing your ASDA yet?
EDIT: How come your ASDA was on nearly finished stage, then nowhere near finished stage. did you start again?


Guess who's back, back again...hopefully for longer this time.

I'm back to BATting and have another large building on the go but I can't give you more info at the moment but it is a mixed office and light industrial building.

I have been involved in documenting the history of the building that I work in, taking photos of it and looking in the archives etc and the obvious outcome of this is a BAT project! This won't be released till after Christmas at the earliest but in the meantime, I will try and finish that BBC TV Centre, the problem with it previously has been rendering it but I have upgraded my computer since previously attempting to render it so will try again. It does need some minor work on the grounds surrounding the buildings and on some of the textures.

My ASDA seems very popular, so I will also try and get that finished. It just needs detailing and texturing really.

Hope this helps, I will try and actually finish something this time!


Good to see you around again. Hopefully a little longer this time.

Earth quake

It's a good news to see you.
I hope you can finished some of your bats. ;)


It's been an other *very* long time but I have just got back into BAT and promise to be more committed to it this time...I posted some pictures of my old BATs on Facebook a few weeks ago when I was sorting through some old files and the amount of interest made me realise that it really was something I should get back into and is a far more productive (and less expensive) pursuit than chasing after boys and beer...particularly the latter.

I have decided to make some changes. GMAX has served me well but I am becoming increasingly concerned that it is a proprietary and legacy format. The difficulty of extracting anything other than an SC4 render from GMAX is one of my main gripes and doing cool things like tinkering with interiors and lights and getting a decent render has prompted me to move to 3DS Max, once I get the BAT4Max tool working.

Where buildings are nearly finished in Gmax, I will leave them there but others that need major work I am rebuilding in 3DS. My ASDA is one example. There was a suggestion that it was too big (and, having undertaken some research on real supermarket sizes, this proved to be true). It has gone from 7x8 (roughly) to 5x6 roughly so can develop on standard C$$ lots.

I'm also working on various UK High Street shops still...these are my priority. While my original prototypes featured Woolworths, the new re-imagined ones will feature vital staples of the UK urban retail sector such as Primark and the 99p Store, as well as the only Wetherspoon's pub in the SC4 world. As pawnbrokers seem to be doing a roaring trade then they will be represented as well plus there will be the chance to bring the biggest shop in town to your retail areas - Primark.

Exciting times and I promise I won't run away again this time!

EDIT: please excuse me; in my excitement I mentioned Primark twice...and this is from a bloke who does proofreading for a living!!!


It sounds great, we need more UK buildings, I can't wait to see some prgress  :thumbsup:


I have fallen and I'm having trouble getting back up.
Welcome back Gary.

Robin &apls
Call me Robin, please.


*Toc toc* Guess who's back !  It's GaryReggae !!

Seriously, welcome back on track, man!
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Props & Texture Catalog


OK...thanks folks...well I am surprised at the amount of interest in my BATs - I thought that just throwing up a few postwar shops/factories etc would have got as much interest as the real things but this is good news.

The other good news is that I am restricting the number of projects I will work on at one time as otherwise I never get anything finished...story of my life really.

I've been taking an interest in the postwar architecture of Southampton, my home city and this has inspired much of my work but I realised the other day just how many factories have closed in the last decade or so and think this is very sad. This will lead to some industrial BATS, for example, something I've been tinkering with for over ten years...

...the Map Works/Print Works complex, where I used to work. I haven't been able to do much with that while it was operational but its days are well and truly numbered unfortunately and the only good thing to come of that is that I can publish the BAT. A large workshops/garage block (roughly 75 m by 40 m by 6 m high real-world size) has already been demolished and I think this would make a great standalone BAT, as it could fit into any light manufacturing/warehouse/motor repairs and so on area. It could even fit in as a building housing several I-M or possibly I-H businesses as it has several sets of concertina doors (like an industrial estate building). If there is interest then I'll post some pix later.

Now, the other reason for my post is that I have a few old BATs that need something doing with them. Not the really old ones, these ones are what I call my Mark II BATs, while my 2012 ones are Mark III. I have two corner blocks of 2x2 W2W low density UK High Street shops (previously referred to as UK High Street 1) and a Debenhams Department Store (the Mark II version, not ye olde version that was on Simtropolis). I rendered these about six years or so ago but I think they need running through the mill that is the Plugin Manager and then putting into the Lot Editor...I can have a go at doing that but I am sure somebody else could probably do a much better job, so any offers of help would be much appreciated thanks...sorry if it seems I am trying to go the wrong way about this but I'm devoting all my efforts into BAT at the moment and learning about the Lot Editor and all the metadata for the Plugin Manager again seems like too much learning how to BAT in Blender (another very worthy but very frustrating activity) is not the top of my priority list. Also, I admit that, much as I love it, I'm not really playing SC4 at the moment and trying to get the right conditions to get these to develop in-game so I can take in-game screenshots is a pain! I am lazy but trying to keep my mind off RL issues by designing BATs is a good thing so anything that keeps me motivated is good.

Thanks again,


Earth quake

Gary, It is a pleasure to see that you haven't stopped the BAT and I hope this time you get to complete many of your fabulous projects. Few people aren't interested in the postwar English's architecture and I think it's a great things to see that people like you try to save them with the 3D.  :thumbsup:
The architecture for cities like plymouth or southampton are really interesting ( like the old drake circus, one of a really fabulous Brutalism's Malls I ever see), as the industrial architecture. In endangered, because considered by many people as ugly and dirty (the problem of the concrete) whereas they have some beauty. I think it is one of the reason whose explain that many people are interested in what you do. (and also because you are a great batter)
I also read that you're looking for people lotting and modding yours Mark II Bats (and possibly your futur bats) and I propose to look into it if you agree. If you want to see my work, you can go on my topic in the TSC team section (I have relotted your Debenhams Departement store and your really old version of Brynmawr rubber factory ;))
To conclude, I hope to see more news and perhaps some pictures of your futur bats.



Thanks Vivien.

Postwar buildings, particularly those in (as you said) cities like Southampton, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Coventry and Bristol (to name but a few) where WII led to the loss of many older buildings, are a part of the urban landscape in most town and city centres...I guess that's why they're popular. While my BATs are arguably of less architectural merit than older buildings and 'ugly' to a lot of people, buildings from this era still have a story to tell and as a lot of these buildings were only intended to be temporary, they're doing rather well to still be around now.

Anyway, thanks for your offer of sorting out my old BATs; I'll send you the files later. It seems that I have created a Lot for the three I'm thinking of but the plugin manager side of things probably needs a lot of work. It's been a long time since I did anything with that.

In the meantime, I'd like to introduce you all to 'Services Block'. When I fist started BATting, this would be considered finished but there's an awful lot more still to do, mainly revolving around textures and roof junk.

Earth quake

You're right, no matter the age or the beauty of the Building, they all have something to say and show.
For your BAT, it is a very good start, and I think it will be even better finish.   &apls
Continue your excellent work and I hope to see more.

Ps:I will send by MP my alternate email address, to can send your work, because the one on my profile isn't good.  :thumbsup: