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Started by Sciurus, November 19, 2009, 09:37:31 AM

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Welcome in Cirey-sur-Moire.
This little city is in Meurthe-et-Moselle, in Lorraine, in north-east France.
Its population is 1,505 inhabitants by the latest census report (2006, INSEE)
The river which separtes Droncourt from Cirey-sur-Moire, is La Moire.
La Moire, tributary of the Meurthe, river which flows in Lorraine.
A railway cross this little village, and this railway link the two most important cities of Lorraine: Metz in Moselle and Nancy in Meurthe-et-Moselle.
There's two roads too: the D25 and the D18.

The budget of the village.

The general overview of the village.

(I hope it's not too tiny!)

The village's center. We can see the church and the cemetery on the middle.

Now, the railway station, and the church. We can see also the little park, behind the shopping area.

The railway station again, and front of it, the townhall and La Poste.

The south of the village.

The south again.

The Gendramerie nationale.

The Gendramerie nationale again.

The soccerfield of the FC Cirey-Droncourt.

Droncourt, overview.

Droncourt again.

La Moire.

Fields around the village.

I hope you like, Guillaume. :thumbsup:
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Very nice village, looks as a nice place to live  ;)
You've made beautiful and realistic river. Great work!  :thumbsup:
Thank you for visiting Kolbrów, and for being for last ten years!


I like the picture with the close up of the soccer field and the traffic circle. I don't recognize the crop that was spawned by the Pumpkin Acres building. Is that Sunflowers?   ()what() 

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Hi Guillaume

We see you have completed your entry and it would appear to comply with
the rules of the competition.  :thumbsup:

In a few days, we will be copying your entry across to the Judging Board
where the SC4d public will select the winner by way of poll.

Goodluck  :)



Very nice Town Guillaume, very european

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lovely area guilliame,
very nice use of foliage. What are the common red roofed residentials you're using?


Great european town!  The meadows along that stream are lovely!


Nice vilage(s)! And it does / they do carry the spirit of East France for sure! Good work on the double track station on the single track railway line.

Good luck on the votes!

Bernhard  :thumbsup:


Very good town Guillaume ! I love your country ! It's very nice with the river !
My BATs or here but it is in french ;)


Nice village! Its very quaint. I like the rail ststion you added on the main strip.