How to get the Automata to show

Started by vester, February 22, 2007, 03:49:54 AM

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I have got this question from a few people: How do I get your trams to show ? I have building the tracks and the stations.

Well first there need to be some traffic on the tracks for the trams to show.
Next you can alter you graphic settings:

You find the settings by press at 1 and then 2.
The change the # cars and sims. I have mine set to high.

Then you can change the NAM Automata plug-in.

In the standard installation this gets installed:

but you can also choice to install one of alternate plug-ins:

Well what you should choice ? I can only tell you to read the documentation that comes with NAM: the readmeĀ  "$Deal"$



How do I change the automata plugin once I have already installed the standard plugin.  Do I have to reinstall?