SC4 Picture Competition

Started by Masochist, March 26, 2007, 01:44:04 PM

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 ??? only a photshop-Pic?

Vote for Nardo 9:7


I'll make it 9-9 with a vote for Nardo, all tied up   ;D


And Nardo gets his 10th point from me!! Although Porter's bridge is great too!

That means that the Ostalgie goes to the Hall of Fame.... Congratz Nardo :thumbsup:
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hmm congrats nardo on your win and great rounds all the way guys it was a close one guess ill throw this one in for fun:

Plaza Mall Project
Coming Soon to the LEX!

NAM Team
What can NAM do for you?


Nice Asian street scene, but I cannot vote for you at the moment because you don't have a challenger right now!

After three really tight rounds against TheTeaCat (10-9), tompadom (10-8) and porter66083 (10-9) - boy, has there been three that tight rounds following each after before? - my pic went to the HoF!  :satisfied:

Great pics here from all of you three!   &apls Let's tango again in the future!   

And thank you very much  for all who voted for me!  :thumbsup:

Now we need a challenger for Filasimo's great Asian street scene!


Okay.  I've had numerous p.m. requests to have a formalized voting style.  So now, for your enjoyment, here's a five minute crash course on...

Proper Voting Procedures

1.) Clearly state who you're voting for.  Say their screen name; not everyone knows their real names.

2.) Clearly state the current vote count.  Be sure to double check that you have the correct number, and make sure that if people post before you do, you change the vote count to reflect their votes.  DO NOT simply a give two-number post as a vote, because if your counting is off, it might throw the entire contest out of sync (as has happened numerous times before); it will also render your vote void.

3.) If your vote falls on a new page, PLEASE carry the pictures over with you in your post.

Examples of proper votes:

I vote for Bernhard (Nardo69).

Nardo - X
Other person - Y
Nardo gets my vote.

X - Y in favor of Nardo69 [note: "in favor of" can be implied IF it is clearly stated who you're voting for]

Examples of improper votes:

X - Y Nardo
I vote for Bernhard.

So...any questions?  No?  All right, then...%wrd

(Under Construction)


 &apls &apls &apls &apls &apls &apls :thumbsup:


IMHO you should add this small and easy rule to the pinned post!

Bernhard  :thumbsup:


OMG - that is a REALLY tough choice ...  :-\

Nice suburbs at the shore or Asian street scene ...

I think I go for the exotic thrill ...

I vote for Filasimo

Filasimo - 1

Masochist - 0

(in order to obey to the highly appreciated rule! )


I vote for Masochist - Masochist gets my vote (because I fully agree with statement too!!)

1/1 tied.
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My vote goes to Masochist

2-1 in Masochist's favour

(I fully agree with Masochist statement as well)


Completely agree with the voting rules! Excellent explanation, Isaac!

And now, to vote (properly now, thanks, vester!)...for Masochist.

3-1, Masochist.


... and forgot to state who you vote for  &mmm


3 for Masochist.

2 for Filasimo.
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The call of the sea is too strong so therefore

Masochist gets my vote :thumbsup:

Masochist 4

Filasimo    2

(thank you for the clarification of the rules :thumbsup:)
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Filasimo for me, so . . .

Masochist - 4

Filasimo - 3


Masochist for me then

Masochist: 5

Filasimo: 3

Pat Riot

I love the cape codish feel of Mas's pic.


Filasimo: 3


Masochist for me aswell
7-3 to Masochist


Masochist: 8 - That pic is an example of awesome Photoshoping!  :thumbsup:
Filasimo:    3

Thanks for clearing that voting thing up too! First time I came here, it took me about 10 min to try and find this 'Lars' guy, then only to realize that he actually had a different username, but everyone called him Lars for some reason. I think it should be a rule that everyone has to use their actual usernames (or something similar, dropping numbers like in Nardo's or my username is fine) to avoid some serious confusion, at one point I thought there were about 4 different people competing in a round!!?  ()what() :D


A vote for Masochist here too.

9-3 in favour of Masochist

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