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Started by Masochist, March 26, 2007, 01:44:04 PM

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Welcome to the SC4 Devotion Picture Competition!  Here are a few guidelines to help everything run smoother:

-Although it's not necessarily a rule, pictures should generally follow the website rules of 1024 pixels wide. Vertical mosaics are allowed as long they aren't too long. (use common sense here) Picture bigger than 1024 should be resized using the BB Code [img width=1024], and must be in the JPEG (.jpg) format.  This is mainly for the sake of those with slower internet connections; you won't be disqualified for not following the dimension guideline, but you may lose votes.  However your picture will be removed if it is in PNG format. (PNG should only be used for maps and other graphic pictures)

-If you cast the last vote for a round (even if you send a picture to the Hall of Fame), you have to wait at least 30 mins. after casting the vote before posting a challenging picture.  If you do not wait, all votes are void and the round is halted until the 30 mins. have passed, giving other people an opportunity to post a picture.  If no one posts a challenge, then your picture goes through and the round starts over again, 0 votes to 0 votes.

-The first picture to get eight (8) votes is the winner.  If neither picture receives 8 votes in 24 hours, the picture with the most votes is the winner.  If the pictures are tied, the next vote decides the winner. No picture will receive more than 8 votes in a contest.

-To win a round, a picture must have a minimum of four (4) votes. If after 24 Hours passed and neither of the pictures has reached 4 votes, the round will continue until one of the pictures gets 4 votes, then the next challenger can compete and the next round can start.

-As the challenger, it is your responsibility to include the picture you are challenging in your post.  Also, if your post put the round into a new page, make sure you bring the pictures with it.

-If either picture is not working for any reason, please do not vote.  Report the broken link and we as a community will allow 2 hours for the link to be repaired.  After which time a new challenger can challenge in place of the picture that is not working.

-All pictures must be posted by a member of SC4D and be the original creator.

-You can find the official rules [by clicking here].

-You can find Proper Voting Procedures [by clicking here].

Examples of proper votes:

I vote for Bernhard (Nardo69).

Nardo - X
Other person - Y
Nardo gets my vote.

X - Y in favor of Nardo69 [note: "in favor of" can be implied IF it is clearly stated who you're voting for]

Examples of improper votes:

X - Y Nardo
I vote for Bernhard.

That's all.  I hope you have some fun in here, and I want to thank you for playing and supporting the game  ;D!

-Edited 17th June 2016 to clarify the image size rules.
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Well ... lets say I dare to challenge  ;D    .... and I don't care about the results, but I do care to see great pictures.

The one I show is a bit "old" already but I still like it a lot. The appartment buildings were all grown and made historic. No plops there  ()stsfd() ... also the picture is not altered with any graphics program. Straight from the game.



Masochist's pic (1st one). It has this great soft glow that reminds me of a cool misty evening.


yeah the first picture is good  :thumbsup: &apls


ahhh, my heart is more for the European look of the latter pic.


Serkanner has my vote. All the buildings just work so well together.  :thumbsup:


While I like the diffusion of the Masochist's and the atmosphere, I prefer the honesty of Serkanner's, so my vote has to be for number 2.
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Well, 24 hours has passed (since Serkanner posted his picture), so the voting is over.  5 votes total, that's all &mmm?  Oh, well....

Serkanner's picture edges out mine to win this round with three votes to my two! *fanfare* &apls &apls &apls

Congrats, Serkanner!  Your picture goes on to the next round.  First picture posted will be the new challenger, and the voting will start from there!  I can't post up a pic until Serkanner's picture is gone (but I can vote). 

So...who thinks they can step up and be the next challenger?
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Ok ... I will give it a go ...

The home of Jeronimo del Gado ... he loves to be close to the water.

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Whilst I like the gritty urban quality of Serkanner's picture, my vote goes to Colyn for the wonderful vibrancy and detail.  :thumbsup:


Tough Call, but Colyn gets this one...... :thumbsup:
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Typical ... has Colyn told everybody that you will be banned when voting for my picture?   ;D   :P


OF Course not....that would be tacky...

But the $5 sure helps... :D ;D ()stsfd()
Sometimes I go into my own little world....but it's ok, they know me there.


Thank you all ... pst ... the money was supposed to be a secret.  $%#Ninj2
Work, the annoying period between bike trips.
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Mr Del Gado's pad does it for me.. Colyn you have one vote from me.


Ahh!  24 hours and $20 later (;)), a clear winner is decided!

Colyn's pic shuts out Serkanner's to win the round with four votes!

Congrats to Colyn, whose picture moves on to it's second round!  Serkanner, it was a great run while it lasted.  You can't put up a new picture until Colyn's is gone, but now you can vote.

Speaking of voting...maybe 10 votes is a bit too much?  So I'm officially changing it to 7 votes in favor of or 24 hours.    We'll see how that works, because I don't think 10 votes have been cast so far in this entire thread... &mmm

All right...anyone think they can step up to Colyn's work?
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Thanks to all and I love this type of thread ... we just need to lure more participants here.

Thanks Masochist for doing this.
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I like wouanagaine's picture  :thumbsup: (try to refresh many times the page if it wont load, until it gets ready)