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Welcome to page 8!

Great work on the pictures of that day with that girl! :thumbsup:


Your last image, the view over Endora is superb. Is there a bigger version? It just screams desktop wallpaper ;).
And could you show how you make these collages or is there a tutorial somewhere?




Kelis: Thanks for the comment!

Art128: Thanks for visiting, hope you stop by again.

NASCAR_guy: Yeah that's what I meant, the Stadium is just the normal Maxis stadium edited on Photoshop.

Thanks for the reply! I'm sure I wasn't the first to do 'A day in the life of' as I've seen something similar in another MD before but glad you liked it.

Thank you very much!

: Hi. There *was* a larger version but when I reduced its size to 600 pixels, I forgot to save the original, sorry! Thanks for the reply though.

There isn't really a specific way in which I made the pictures. I just sketched out the basic features then pasted in the details from my photographs and stock images, then used the Photoshop tools to blend them together.

Coming Soon: "The Brandram Estate"


Absolutely lovely Story Please do tell me where you got those buses, Id love to Know.



The Brandram Estate:
The Brandram Estate is an area of West Endora belonging to the wealthy Brandram family. Much of their wealth was gained through various means such as overseas trading, shipbuilding and engineering and have played a significant role in the growth and prosperity of the city.

Ashton & the Brandram Estate:
A view of the Brandram Estate and the suburb of Ashton (lower half of the picture) in relation to central Endora. The Estate once occupied a larger area but over many years, the city encroached upon much of its land.

Brandram Gate
The grand gate of the Estate marks the entrance to the private section of the inner estate grounds surrounding the house and gardens.

Brandram House
Brandram House is the home of the head of the Brandram family. The grand mansion features various lavish rooms and a large inner atrium filled with examples of exotic stuffed animals.

Haydn Brandram
The current head of the household is Haydn Cyrus Brandram. His late father thoroughly invested in the city of Endora, commissioning many of its landmarks such as the Belmont suspension bridge and various dockyard and university facilities.

However, despite having an engineering degree, Haydn Brandram prefers to host extravagant parties and events instead of focusing on expanding the family's wealth. He and the Mayor of Endora often compete weekly, on which of them can host the most ridiculously expensive and decadent banquet or party.

The Estate's Dock
The estate has its own dock, allowing access for private yachts and other vessels.

Deer Enclosure
Deer still roam parts of the estate freely and are occasionally hunted for their tasty venison.

I.A.V Endeavour
A Navy vessel, 'Endeavour', in dazzle camouflage cruises past the Brandram Estate, returning to Endora from its Arctic survey mission. It's sister ship, the 'Serendipity' is still missing after its attempt to circumnavigate the planet.

Dowager House
The Dowager house was occupied by the widow of the late head of the household, so the new heir could occupy the main house. As customs and traditions changed throughout the years, the house is no longer used for this purpose and now operates as a guest house.

Ashton is a suburb of Endora adjacent to the Brandram Estate. A leafy and fairly quiet suburb by nature, it is more modest than the grand hilltop district of Belmont.

Tansy Way
The Tansy way serves as Ashton's high street, with various small shops, inns and restaurants, and a railway station. The road is named after the River Tansy, one of the two large rivers on which Endora was built on.

Marine Recruitment
The Navy attempts to recruit throughout Endora - and today they are in Ashton. The Imperial Navy and Marines offer adventure, discipline, decent pay and daily rations of rum for all recruits. All Imperial Military services accept both men and women providing the mental and fitness requirements are met. Successful Colonial and foreign recruits are granted citizenship after five years of service.

Sugar Factory
This large sugar factory in Ashton refines imported raw sugar into various other forms such as sugarloaf, toffee and caramel. Many sugar-producing territories of the Empire are effectively prohibited from refining their own raw sugar to protect factories such as this one.

Endora Botanic Gardens
The Endora Botanic gardens are extensive gardens and glasshouses built for collecting and studying flora from around the world. Despite paling in comparison to larger and more comprehensive botanic gardens, the Endora gardens still have a respectable collection of specimens and boasts an intricate system of underground steam-powered machinery to heat the various tropical glasshouses. The gardens are open throughout the year and are a must-see for anyone with an interest in botany.

Endora Pagoda
The Pagoda was originally a gift from the Governor of Midori to Emperor Amarande in 1702. It was constructed in Midori itself then transported by ship, piece by piece and reconstructed in the Endora Botanic Gardens. 87 years later it still stands strong and is a very popular attraction.

Polycoal Boiler
The 'Ashton No.2' polycoal boiler generates electricity and heated steam for the homes throughout Ashton, including Brandram House.

Danielcote: The buses only exist as a Photoshop paste-on for now, but I'm working on making them real automata. Thanks for visiting!


Brandram Estate is fantastic. A very lovely spread. I love the rest of the update too of course. The Marines are great. Here's to hoping that the 'Serendipidy' makes it back in one piece  ()sad()

Where City and Country Flow Together


interesting update , I love the graphics  ;D


You really do love frying our brains :o that was awesome! :o

Copperminds and Cuddleswarms


Excellent. I love the second screen - it shows your great work  :thumbsup:
Thank you for visiting Kolbrów, and for being for last ten years!


I laughed at the graves in the garden of the Dowager House. Very efficient ;).

Great Update!


 &apls &apls Another excellent update my friend. Some of your pics look so real . You are a true artist.  :thumbsup:


Really great MD. Looks very realistic and gave me a lot of inspirations how to use things. &apls


Fantastic MD, I will have to catch up on this. The overview of Brandram Estate is absolutely amazing.

My name is Thomas...


I have come to expect exemplary scenes when I visit Endora, and I haven't been disappointed yet. Your Photoshop skills remain some of the best I've ever seen in game, but you have an amazing foundation of decorative abilities to start with.

The Brandram Estate is a classic
- beautifully done right down to the smallest detail. I am especially interested in your shorelines - I spend hours on mine and they aren't even in the same ballpark with yours. In many cases, it seems that less is more. I love the way you leave open spaces, yet still give the overall impression of a substantial forest, too.

Superb work...


I've missed quite a few amazing updates this month.  Have to say though, I really like the look of the Tansy Way intersection in your latest update.  It looks fantastic! 


Another beautiful update, the estate looks fantastic and I especially enjoyed the overview of the grand house and the city.


Are there any good resteraunts on Tansy way?  :thumbsup: Great job on custom content especialy the photos of people!



CalibanX: Thanks for the reply! I think I might include something regarding the Serendipity's fate in the next update.

Nexis4Jersey: Thanks for the reply.

JoeST: Thanks for visiting, stop by again!

Kbieniu: Thanks for the reply. Glad you liked the screen.

Nrmn67: Thanks! Indeed, graves next to your house would be very efficient :)

Kimcar: Thanks a lot for the reply and compliment!

Nbvc: Thanks for commenting. Glad you've had some inspiration as this is one of the reasons why I love seeing people's MD's.

Turtle: Thanks for visiting, hope you stop by in future updates!

Jmouse: A big thank you for the reply and nice compliments. I think the credit for the shorelines definitely go to the creators of the terrain mod and the rocks/mud objects, they're great to use.

Battlecat: Thanks for the reply and comment, much appreciated!

Kwakelaar: Thanks for replying! hope you visit again.

Danielcote: I'm sure there are nice restaurants on Tansy way, but I'm yet to visit any :) Glad you liked the people pictures.


  ::)  you're welcome, But how do you make them like that?!  :o