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absolutely incredible.
C'est dans les ténèbres que l'on voit la lumière...et dans la lumière que l'on voit les ténèbres...



Amazing work there on that set of pictures! Endora looks really nice! :thumbsup:



Endora Colosseum:
The Endora Colosseum, in the Lindcote area of Highgate, is the largest arena in the city and is popular with residents and tourists alike for its varied and frequent shows, ranging from small theatre productions to operatic works and even large mock battles. The smaller shows are usually performed in the interior theatres whilst tthe large scale weekly events utilise the main arena.

Performance Night:
The largest events in the colosseum are usually on the weekend. Here, the epic 'Midnight Sun' production is being performed. The colosseum has machinery to generate snow or mist and is capable of filling the central arena with water.


JoeST: Thanks for the comment
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Mightygoose: Thank you. For the moment they're photoshopped but I'm in the process of modelling for real automata.
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Holy SH.... did you BAT that colosseum amazing work, plus did you bat some of those smokestacks??? also those japanese air vents... whose are they??? ican never remember.
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:o :o

Did you make that amazing Colosseum?! ??? It's amazing! :'(

So fabulous, absolutely wonderful!! :satisfied:
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Can I echo the previous two comments about that colosseum?  :P  But seriously, another great presentation- I didn't catch the writing on the bottom of the ticket the first time, but I like the theme (enchantment vs. industry) and the fact that you either added props or photoshopped the "clash" into the colosseum.  Great work!
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I'm seriously dating myself here, but I can't help thinking of Patrick McGoohan in The Prisoner every time I look at your City Journal. Fantastic stuff!

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That Colosseum is truly epic my friend. All the details, and little parts of it come together to make a truly great building.

Well done!


Excelent my friend &apls

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Those are some of the most impressive screen captures I've ever seen! The lighting on the Colosseum is just incredible. As I look back and study your photos more carefully I see a unique mixture of fantasy and reality. I feel as though I'm thumbing through a storybook filled with pictures taken from real life and enhanced to create a specific atmosphere. Sorry if I haven't explained myself well - it's a difficult concept to express.

Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work...


I just can`t beleive that you don`t batting. Because this Colosseum look more like a bat then photoshoping  :o  ;D I`m jalous of your talent  ;) &apls &aplsGreat work once again :thumbsup:


Ma cmon, this isn't Sim City you're playing right?  ;D This is really great stuff you're doing here. You should release some of those stuff.


I read the MDs every now and then, but when I stumbled over this one I was simply amazed by the effort and creativity that You put into it.
I would love to see more of Your cities, but I have to ask about all those "custom" ships like the Serendipity for instance, are they photoshopped in or are they actually props and in that case where did You find them?

I also noticed a patrolboat in one of Your early updates, is that automata? I have seen it as a prop, but the stream after the ship made me wonder...

Anyhow, great MD and please keep up the good work!


That are two fantastic pictures of the Endora Colosseum! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Wow, what a beautiful city, I'm really impressed!  :o


My gawd !  :o
That colosseum is just incredible !
Stunning mosaics there my friend, my favorite one is the second, that night shot is just stunning !  &apls

Take care,

Arthur.  :thumbsup:
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Your photoshopping on the colosseum is amazing - I know you say you don't bat, but with skills such as these, you are more than 3/4 of the way there....

As always, it's a pleasure to browse through this amazing fantasy!


Mightygoose: I'm afraid not. I can't BAT anything that complicated yet. As for those Japanese air vents, I've gone over my plugins folder and have tried to remember where they came from to no avail. I suspect it may be somewhere on here but I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong.

Dark_Jedi06: Thanks for the comment!

Meinhosen: The appearance of the stadium is based on the theme of the city as a whole, not just the current play but thanks for the comment anyway!

CalibanX: I've never seen The Prisoner series in full but I do love the look of place where the 'village' is set (Portmerion?) and would love to visit it. Thanks for stopping by!

Evanator: Thanks a lot, glad you liked it!

Sciurus: Thanks!

Jmouse: Thank you for the nice comment! There isn't really any 'fantasy' elements per se, as everything in the city is pretty much achievable with 20th century technology but I did want a 'alternative history/steampunk' feel to the city, so I hope it came across that way.

Kimcar: I've tried to learn how to BAT but I just can't figure out how to do it well. The actual 3D modelling isn't too daunting, as I've made 3D content for other games before but I just can't figure out how to work with the tools without getting frustrated :( Thanks for visiting anyway!

Grbac: Thanks! Hope you stop by again.

Swesim: Hello, the custom ships are photoshopped so they can't be downloaded I'm afraid. I don't know which patrol boat you're referring to but the wake stream behind it was probably photoshopped too (though I'm unsure).I don't have any other large cities at the moment but I'll feature some of the other places in the region in future updates. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

Bat: Thank you!

Thank you very much!

Art128: Thank you for the comment! hope you stop by again.

Mattb325: Thank you!

Sorry for no new images but a new update of a slightly different kind coming soon.


You have some great images here. The colosseum is impressive; did you make it yourself? I am intrigued about what you will show us next.
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There is something about the mix of dirty industry and Parisian elegance that makes this so fascinating. I love the photoshop work with the smoke, signs and all the different lights & special effects! :) Those buses and old cars are a great detail that can be easily missed if not looked for carefully.

The way you blur the lines between the expected and unexpected is just incredible! Great work ;D