Started by antimonycat, February 09, 2009, 01:21:30 AM

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Very very beautiful, this is image is very good, I love it! &apls

Guillaume :thumbsup:
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I haven't updated Endora for a while but I had been working on it recently and have a lot of new content to present. Here's part one of Endora's new year weekend, which takes place in summer:



What an incredible come back.
I hope to see a lot more of this.

Call me Robin, please.


OMG! This is such a great work!  :o  :thumbsup:


 :o :o :o

I'm just in such awe right now... can not believe what I've seen and don't know what to write... so I'll just leave some smileys expressing my feelings:
&apls &apls &apls



It's back!!! Man, you just made my day &apls

Astonishing work as always

RIP Adrian (adroman), you were a great friend

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Wow, now that is an update! More than that, it is a steampunk vision, very rich and fantastic and quirky and detailed. Really original and fascinating &apls &apls &apls


 &apls &apls I agree what a come back Splendide work that you have done. Tell me my friend in your animation , can you tell me if the round building in the medieval time if is a building game or a photoshop please . Thanks and can`t wait for see more.


Wow, this is truly beautiful!!  &apls


Wow incredible work on these pictures! Outstanding photoshopping skills ;) :)

&apls &apls &apls


Welcome back!  What an amazing return, I love the custom lots you've got in this update.  The overview looks fantastic and the Photoshop work really adds some amazing character as always!  I'm looking forward to seeing what else you've got coming up!


Wow, what an update. You've been busy. I love it all. Just a great world you've created. I always look forward to updates from Endora.

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This is... IMPRESSIVE!!! À COUPER LE SOUFFLE!!!! :o :o :o
The Photoshopping is wonderful too!! &apls &apls &apls &apls &apls &apls

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Mother of the beautiful love! That's amazing. I loved it. I loved it!! &apls &apls &apls &apls &apls

I'm glad you are back. I got sad when I saw Endora on the inactive MD's sub-forum, but now it's back. And those are good news. ()stsfd()


beautiful---astonishing---perfect---what awesome skills---never seen something like this before
&apls &apls &apls &apls &apls &apls &apls &apls &apls &apls

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Wow! There isn't yet words to describe this!

                -(a very awed) Jordan
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I'm not sure how to describe how awesome that update was.. seriously, you put a lot of hard work into this MD and it definitely shows.  &apls


An exquisite and fantastic (in the original sense of the word) visual journey. I am really glad to see this MD return  :thumbsup:


Epic come back !!!
Fantastic and totally immersive pictures, I love your universe !!!!  &apls  &apls  &apls

Tomas Neto

&hlp  &apls &apls &apls &apls &apls &apls &apls &apls &apls &apls &apls &apls &apls &apls &apls &apls &apls  &hlp
I think this update is the best update that I've seen here in the SC4D!!!