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Wow the MAPP stuff looks alot better than I thought it might.  I over looked it because I thought it wouldn't fit my style or in my city, but now you may have changed my mind.  Your MD actually looks like a showcase for thier stuff. 
Great work, I can't even imagine how long it took you to place everything just right.
I can't wait to see what is next. &apls

Call me Robin, please.


thundercrack83 : Thanks a lot . Glad you like it .

petercintn : Thank you very much. As for the sunken enclosures , i saw them too somewhere , but i don't remember where. That why i made them like that.

rooker1 : Thank you so much . Glad to see you here , and i`m happy if i changed your mind  ;) As for place everythings right : A long time  ;D

Ok folks . hope you are in shape and hope you put good shoes , because we go for another Zoo ride. Have a nice visit.

We start with Lamas


The Little Farm

Brown Bears

Polar Bear

A Little Park

More Snack Bar


Reptiles and Birds Houses



Another important place  ;D

The Zoo Station

And a Tunnel for go to another site

Hope your not to tired and have enjoyed the visit . Next step : Funtasia Sea World

Have fun


superbe zoo mon amis ;)


Hm, I need a pair of new shoes, I guess. The ones I was wearing are all used up now. But it was definetly worth of the price! Lovely work you have done and the visit to Zoo was great. I belive I also seen a panda there somewhere, hiding from visitor. Lovely cj!  &apls


Awe-inspiring zoo... there's nothing else to say  &apls


Funtasia looks very beautiful! Great update and work! :thumbsup:


Great update! I think the polar bears may be my favorite, but the llamas are great, too!


Antoine : Merci à toi mon ami.  ;)

Naryanna : Hope i don`t have to refund every pair  ;D Thanks for your comment and visit.

Praiodan : Thanks you and glad to see you here.

bat : Thanks you my friend

thundercraker83 : Thanks a lot. I like the Polar Bear too. Come back again .


That is one cool looking zoo. I especially like the bear exhibits and the tram tunnel. :thumbsup:

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It was worth to wait .... &apls  &apls &apls . Nice theme , I love everything and I know LotEditing everything price .Keep it up Kimcar : your world is completely disorientating  :thumbsup: ( "disorientating" cause I don't find a translation for "dépaysant"  ;D ) .

°   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °


emilin : Thank you and come back.

Badsim : Thanks my friend . From the Master of the LE it's a great compliment. Yah , your right i like disorientating  ;D peoples . Well i like to do something different and glad you like it. Hope to see you again. Cheers.


Another funtasia.........I mean fantastic update.  Great zoo, very nicely setup.
Call me Robin, please.


Incredible amount of work on your part (if SC was work), and a wonderful presentation &apls    Thanks for sharing
Sometimes I go into my own little world....but it's ok, they know me there.


rooker1 :  Thank you my friend .

oldrogue : Thanks for your nice comments. Hope you come back.

Hello dear Mayor. Today i invite you to discover the World of the Sea . So i have a great idea ( just kidding )to call that
Funtasia SeaWorld   ;D

I will do 3 update for this Park ( to many pics ) an the doctor's said that is not good for the brain . Enjoy.

Let's begin with region view.

One of the SeaWorld entrance

The Orcas

Dolphins and Sharks

The Shedd Aquarium

Some tanks with differents species

A big Gift Shop

Ok this is it for today . Hope you like it. See you at the next update.


I love your parc !!!!! When can I come in the fantasia seaworld to see the animals ?  :D


This is amazing! I think my favorite part is in the region view how you have the bridges spanning the lagoon and the seawalls surrounding it. Great job!


Your Seaworld looks awesome! Great work! :thumbsup:


That is not A Sea World, that is the MOTHER of all Sea Worlds! How big is that thingy? Amazing work! :thumbsup:

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You make me wish I could call my mom and dad up and beg them to take me to the zoo again.  I grew up practically living the rest of for our summer trip to Brookfield Zoo [linkie] in the 1950s and 60s.  Brookfield was great- Funtasia is great!

Thanks for the memories.

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Hi Kimcar, the Sea World park is wonderful!  You're doing a fantastic job of showing us all this wonderful stuff, Thanks! :thumbsup:
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