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Started by Chingchang, October 10, 2008, 12:07:17 PM

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Let's say I have a 1000x5000 image. I want to split it up into 1000x1000. Using this "tool" it would be split up into 5 1000x1000 images. Is there a way to do this quickly?



I can imagine that in Photoshop, "Actions" for such (err..) actions, should probably exist somewhere in the internet.
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Any advanced graphics program should have an option to "slice" images. This is a common process for creating menus for web pages, for instance. If you want to slice your 5000x1000 pic, simply activate the grid function and set it to 1000x1000, then activate "snap to grid" and select the slice tool. Very often, you have to draw rectangles of the desired size over the pic, this should be a piece of cake with the "snap to grid" feature activated. When the portions are marked, use the export feature to save the sliced images - usually, you should have the ability for a special naming or numbering system as well.


Thanks for the info both of you.

Is there a way to do this in GIMP? It only seems to allow percentages and such.


if its percentile, then do some maths and work out that 1000 is 20% of 5000 ;)
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Quote from: JoeST on October 11, 2008, 01:13:09 AM
if its percentile, then do some maths and work out that 1000 is 20% of 5000 ;)
Yes yes, I can do some maths.  :D

Cheers (and thanks for the help all).