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Wow another excellent update over here. &apls &apls &apls Excellent presentation. Your photoshopping skill is very good. Great ship too.I really like this tiny island too. Great work :thumbsup:


Wow man, this is sooo realistic.   :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:. So many details. Seems like you plan a lot before you build. Great implementation of custom content.


Beautiful pictures of Endora there! It looks excellent!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


What can I say, this is just awsome. Like how you work with the difficult terrain, everything just looks very realistic &apls


Excellent as usual. I love the pumping station and the ship is fantastic! You really must release that ship to the LEX. I don't know where or how I would use it but I'd find a way.

Where City and Country Flow Together


Wow. :o

I love your integration of industry, residential and commercial into one single unit with no clear delineation. The steam engine rolling along the tracks adds that extra touch to the overall steampunkiness (sp? ::)) you've so greatly achieved, though I'm still not sure if that's your stated goal. :P Either way, I'm just glad I beat mightygoose to describing it as such. ()stsfd()

One of the first things that sticks out to me is that apartment in the second image precariously perched over that rocky cliff, creates a very interesting composition and is just plain unique. I also love that steamship in the fourth image, but I have no idea where you even got it! $%Grinno$%

All in all, superb. :satisfied: Though I'm certainly sad to see the month end and have this fabulous MD removed from the OSITM.

Edit: Looking back for a second viewing, I just noticed the antique cars, stage coaches and old double-decker buses that traverse the streets of Endora. I small and very well done detail that I had completely missed! Amazing. :D
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Very nice industrial atmosphere with small tenements  :thumbsup: But the railway on the last picture looks very unrealistic - it's too steep  :P
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Awesome update!  I just love the look of this area.  It's an incredibly cool mixture of of buildings that really brings out the steampunk feel of the area.


Your industrial areas are among the best I've ever seen. Truly you have a talent for cramming a lot of details into a small space and making it look superb. The close-up shots are quite stunning, and the waterfront does, indeed, have a "gritty charm" about it. Templin would be an interesting place to see first hand, although possibly not as beguiling and mysterious as it is in your pictures! :)

Definitely looking forward to
seeing more of your work...


Excellent. I just browsed your MD two times. It's very impressive. The pictures and maps are really excellent. There is a very special feeling to your pictures that I felt in love with instantly. I will follow this MD closely, that is for sure!
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Highgate is a large area of central Endora just North-East of the City Centre. It is mostly a residential area of terraced housing though a large proportion of it consits of the Highgate Necropolis

Minerva Square
Minerva Square is the largest public square in Endora and also the oldest. It stands on the site just outside the medieval city walls (now long gone) where grand rituals were known to occur. Although the inhabitants of the city are today, no longer very religious, many temples to various gods still stand in the surrounding area.

Festival of the Dead
Minerva Square is the starting point of the annual Festival of the Dead which falls on midwinter night. Those who participate wear masks and occult symbols and proceed to the Necropolis where they place the candles that they carry on small paper boats which float into the lake. More recently candles have also been attached to paper balloons that are released into the night.

Highgate Necropolis
The Necropolis or city of the dead is the largest cemetery in Endora and the Lanelle region (Although Aetheria city's necropolis is larger).  As well as space for burial of bodies, the deceased can also be cremated and scattered in the 'memorial pools' or even the central lake itself.

Highgate Necropolis - Owl Island
Owl island lies on the lake in the Necropolis and is the resting place of many famous people throughout the ages. Access is usually limited to the public and burial space in the tombs is very expensive but anyone regardless of wealth or status can have their ashes scattered on the island if requested.

The Rainbow House
The Rainbow house is little-known attraction in Endora hidded in the backstreets of Highgate. It is an artist's commune which opens to the public every weekend. The interior of the house is highly decorated with paintings, sculptures and artifacts, including a collection of stuffed animals, a mural made from human skin and a large unicorn statue.

Ivy Hill
Ivy hill is a small area of Highgate that, like many places in Endora has a village atmosphere despite being only a mile from the City Centre and metres away from the wide train line into the city. The population of Ivy Hill are known to be rather eccentric but friendly. According to an investigation by the University of Endora, Ivy hill has the largest population of cats in the city.

Aetherian Banknote
A 20 Gen banknote from Endora. Large cities or colonies of the Empire usually have their own unique banknotes although they are all legal tender throughout Imperial territory. The current Emperor or Empress is always displayed on the front face of the note, who at the time of writing is Eleanor II. She came to power 14 years ago and was very popular, but this has waned slightly due to concern at her decision to disband most of the elected high council and adopting a more autocratic approach. Her increasingly militaristic attitude has also attracted concern.

An idea of prices in Endora:

A pint of beer - 2
A sandwich - 1-2
A 3 star hotel - 40-90 per night.
A train ticket to Aetheria City - 20
A ticket to Midori colony via ship - 200-1000
A ticket to Midori colony via airship - 800-3500
A new motorcar - 5000-35000
The average museum entry price - 4
A bus ticket - 1 - 2


Mightygoose: Thanks very much.
JoeST: Thanks 0.o
Kimcar: Thanks for visiting again
Grbac: Thanks, Yep I try to plan most things before I start building so I have to spend a lot of time deleting unwanted buildings.
Bat: Thank you.
DarkLoki: Thanks a lot. The terrain is annoying to work with but I prefer it to flat terrain.
CalibanX: Thanks. The ship is just photoshopped I'm afraid but thanks anyway.
Dark_Jedi06: Thanks for the nice comments. I did set out to make a steampunk-ish city though I haven't read too much into the theme in detail apart from being inspired from the various steampunk images I see. I think I just wanted something that was different from a real-world city.

kbieniu7:Thanks. Yeah I thought of reducing the steepness but it leads up to a bridge that crosses over to an island of a higher altitude, and redoing the whole track would destroy a lot of the buildings I already placed. There are actually real world railways that are as steep as that, though they're usually cargo or mountain trains.

Battlecat:Thanks a lot for stopping by again.
Jmouse: That's very nice of you to say that, though I imagine Templin would smell if it existed :).
Sebes: Thank you for visiting, hope you stop by again.


OOOOO WOW, you just outdid yourself :o 0.o o.0 :D

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 :o :o

Oh my goodness! Thia is amazing! ;D Surely the most unique and gorgeous city I've ever seen, I'm having difficult choosing a favorite image from this update. ::) The second shot with huge smokestacks right in front to the church is certainly a powerful image. I'm also very impressed with how you've used the canals to form that lake; all right in the middle of a cemetery! $%Grinno$%

Needless to say, I'm still flabbergasted. :satisfied:
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truly iconic, I have to ask, is your automata, photoshopped in or did you create your own mod?
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I have problem to admit that it`s only photoshop ( i mean things like people who carries candles ) because is so very well done that it`s look like ingame props  :o But if it is you are a great photoshop maker my friend. &apls &apls &apls
I can`t get enough to see your MD  :thumbsup:


This is a great CJ. I just finished flipping through every page. Your city has a very chaotic, but also organized feel to it... organized chaos? It makes it feel very realistic. Your dock and port areas feel very grimey and are very well done. Really dig Belmont too. Keep up the great work.


I am quite frankly speechless. Minerva Square is one of the best SC4 pictures I've ever seen. Truly awe inspiring. :o

Great work antimonycat!  &apls


I've read through a lot of MDs here, and this is starting to become one of my favorites.  Everything you post is amazing.  Hands down best MD pic that I've ever seen might be the Festival of the Dead that was in your most recent post, although a few others that you've put up are easily as good.

Keep up the good work!  I'll be waiting for your next update.
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A really beautiful and imaginative MD, truly original.


WOW, that is just WOW antimonycat.  &apls  &apls  &apls Fantastic. You made a great story behind all this. I like the trams, they really fit the city. Owl Island and Necropolis are my favs. And Minerva square. Hell, thats three, favorite should be only one, but I can't decide. Great work.