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Excellent update, antimoneycat! Carme is unique and just beautiful - the first photo says it all. Love the BATs you've chosen, and the detail work is astonishing. You do a great job on your docks as well as the surrounding areas. Considering the level of density, it's amazing how well everything fits together so perfectly.



Ok i tought you had done some bat , no matter i find that tool irritating too  :D But anyway great photoshoping that you do and still like what i see. Keep it up  :thumbsup:


That Shipyard is really excellent! Nice work on it! And your city looks beautiful! :thumbsup:


That shipyard looks excellent my friend.
All these pictures/mosaic are truly great and nicely done !

Arthur.  :thumbsup:
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I love your work, it's absolutely wonderful, very very very very original!

In the way from Hall of Fame cities!
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It's very very beautiful!! You give me again the desire to play :P

Guillaume :thumbsup:
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I found your MD today.

It is incredible! I might as well give up my own pathetic efforts to construct a realistic region.

There is something very realistic in the chaotic way that you put lots together. I would never have thought of putting refinerylots by Somy and Tag_one in front of the Amsterdam Central Station and get away with it in the extraordinarily self-evident and matching way you are able to do it.
It makes your cities uniqe and lively in a very fine way.

The award is defitely earned.

You made a great deal of the lots yourself, didn't you? And there are some photoshopping things that are not really from the game?

And at last one question: where did you find the shipyard lots? I recognize the KimDomYung, but the largest lots, with the enrmous steel constructions? I recognize them, but don't know from where....


Superb update!  The photoshopping on that non-game shot is incredible.  Had to look twice at it to realize how much work went into it.  So many incredible scenes here, and amazing detail throughout. 



calibanX: Thanks a lot. I've tried to make airships but i've found it's beyond my skill to make them look good, so any that will appear will be made with Photoshop :)

Jmouse:Thanks for the great comments! With regards to the density I don't like leaving tiles empty for some reason, so I may have problems when making rural areas :)

Kimcar: Thanks for the comments and visting again.

Bat: Thank you very much!

Art128: Thanks a lot!

Xox: Thanks for stopping by.

Sciurus: Thanks for the comment!

FrankU: Thanks a lot (though I'm sure you'd be able to make a realistic region)! I've made my own content where I can but as I'm not very good at it, most of the complicated things were done on Photoshop. As for the shipyard lot? If you mean the huge one with the 2 ships it's at http://www.simtropolis.com/stex/details.cfm?id=4251&v=1.

Battlecat: Thanks! I've tried to make the skyline picture match the actual city and I think I've got it fairly close,  I just wish there was an in-game feature to view your city's skyline.


Wow! I'm stunned, you've done some truly fantastic things here in Endora.
I still love how you mange to blend industrial within residential, and the result is really unique.  &apls

Also your photoshopping skills are second to none, as you have shown particularly with the mine, and skyline pictures.

Truly terrific! Hope to see more,


It reminds of steampunk or Victorian England.

Either way, it is gorgeous and unique. ;D
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dammit jedi beating me to the steampunk punch, its as if the league of extraordinary gentleman would drop in at any time...
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Thanks so much for the link! I scrutinized the STEX for so many times. I don't know how I possibly could have overlooked this file, but I actually did. Now I got it. Thanks.


Wow - a lot of work has gone into this MD! Really reminds me of England. Well done!  :thumbsup:


So How long does it take on average to Photoshop ur pics?

Show us what you look like http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=1142.0

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this is an amazing md. great, great work here. you seem to build so naturally around any kind of environment.  the hills and the slopes all look so nice and the fact that youve built around them rather than
flattening them out is great.  i also like how you dont use a lot of retaining walls and choose to keep it natural.

excellent work and very inspirational. looking forward to many more updates!


Your usage of the canal set and the Marrast Embankments is very unique and quite clever. I may have to steal that idea  ;)
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Templin Island
Templin, like Carme is an industrial island close to the city centre. Once a forested peninsula, a channel was cut through the East end to provde better access for vessels reaching the central docks. Much of the island was bought and developed in the last century by the influential Brandram family.

Dock 6
In the summer months, especially when it rains, the air around Templin can grow heavy with vile fumes that can leave a residue on buildings and even on clothes and skin.

I.A.V Serendipity
The Serendipity is an explorer-type vessel which left Endora 7 months ago on a mission to be the first vessel to circumnavigate the world. The Permian ocean, spanning 24,000 km is the most difficult stretch of the voyage, which is beyond the range of ordinary steamers and airships. Sailed vessels have attempted to make the journey but all have vanished without a trace.

The ship is equipped with a range of equipment, experimental super-efficient engines and large fuel tanks needed to traverse the ocean. The Serendipity was due to come back into radio range nearly a month ago but no contact has been established so far. The Navy remains optimistic.

Cannon St.
Cannon street is the main road running through Templin. There is little else for a tourist to do here other than to view some of the gigantic industrial buildings or a historic ship. However, inhabitants of the island appreciate its gritty charm.

Pumping Station
The first pumping station at this location was a wind-powered contraption bringing fresh water from an underground spring to a local temple. The spring has since been contaminated with seawater and the modern pumping station provides water for nearby industry.

East Templin
Many Endorans pass through Templin by train without ever setting foot on the island. However Templin is worth a visit if you are interested in munition factories or purchasing goods directly from ships.


Evanator: Thanks very much! Sometimes buildings don't blend very well though, so I have to demolish them :)
Dark_Jedi06: Thanks for stopping by!
Mightygoose: Thanks for the reply!
Franku: I think I overlooked it at first too, or maybe I thought I already downloaded it. But I'm glad I found it.
Girlfromverona: Thank you very much.
Nascar_guy: Depends on what I'm doing. If it's something simple like adding effects, not long at all, maybe a few minutes. Making things from scratch on PS take a while though.

jmdude1: Thanks! I like building on hills because the end result looks more interesting, but yes, retaining walls can be annoying. I try not to get them in the first place but strategic placing of trees can hide them :)

Thanks for visiting!


holy cow man, this is nuts, you got steampunk sooo nailed, i love this soo much, great presentation...
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now that is just 0.o to the extreme, just WOW! :o

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