New Holland - N268 Reconstruction intersection ring road Boxtel

Started by Paul 999, May 14, 2010, 07:20:59 AM

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Fantastic updates there! Your region is looking great!! Nice work. :thumbsup:


Great update! Your layout always look so realistic and is a perfect RHW and networks guide.

The only problem is that I see so many ideas and different ways to use the networks than I never will be able to do in my city. But look at them is a pleasure. &apls &apls

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Paul 999

Thanks for the comments everybody!

Quote from: clemenclm2001 on August 26, 2012, 01:54:26 AM
OHHHHH one amusement park is very nice and I'm happy because you have done it. There are very few amusements parks in sc4. But in the other hand I'm sorry for say you that my theme park is better  $%Grinno$% Have you seen it?

About your amazing highways I like them a lot. I think they are very realistic but I can see a problem... I would like to see a lot of cars in your highways, I think they are a little empty.

Congratulations for your work

Yes i have see your amusement park, and of course your one is better ;)  you focus on the amusement park, and that is nice to see. I don't wane spend so much time to making a amusement park.

At some points can the highways be empty, one sometimes. I don't understand why, an example if i play a other city next to it and that go back there be more traffic that before. It is true that some motorway's are busier than others. But every motorway is used, and there are no motorway's widened as this not necessary was. The busiest 2x2 motorway is the N14 ring road Tilburg and carried more than 28.000 cars, and 15.000 buses. The busiest wide motorway is the A9 whit 2x4 lanes and carried more than 42.000 cars, and 20.000 buses. The quietest motorway is the A13 at the toll part and carried lesser then 7.000 cars and zero buses.

N268 Reconstruction intersection ring road Boxtel
Time for the update. This is last update i will show of the New Holland region. Soon i will start whit the new region based on Brabant a province at The Netherlands.

Today we look at the reconstruction of the intersection at the amusement park at Boxtel. Before the reconstruction had this intersection traffic lights and no splits levels. Now there is a tunnel build for the N268 under the intersection. Above the tunnel is a high capacity roundabout build to handle all the traffic. The roundabout have peak lanes to get all the traffic in and out of the amusement park.

We start this update at the N268 just after the junction whit the A12 and the first intersection. The N268 is widened between this intersection and the intersection to the amusement park to give the traffic more space for weaving and waiting.

Then we arrive at the reconstructed intersection. The 2 lane road in the middle off the roundabout is the peak lane, this lane can only be opened when there are traffic controllers of the amusement park. The should regulate the other traffic. This peak lane must ensure that traffic does not get stand still on the N268. The amusement park has been expanded with an aquarium, and the event area is moved form the city Boxtel to the back side of the water park.

The intersection whit the A13 motorway.

And the roundabout again.


Comments are always welcome!


Paul 999

Today i give the last update of the New Holland region. I hope that you have enjoyed my updates. For my it was a wonderful region to play, that has grown considerably in the time. I am very pleased with the result, and love most of the infrastructure. There are also things that are not good, I go do that better in the next region. One thing about this be the urbanized area, this is way too big in this region. In the next region i will play whit more rural space between the urban area's. This also means that the motorways will be longer and have fewer intersection, so this will be much more realistic.

Sky View

Click for a big view of, Sky view d.d. 29-8-2012

Road network map

Click for a big view of, Road map d.d. 29-8-2012

And now i give a teaser of the N261/A261 motorway between Tilburg and Waalwijk at my new region.

Click for a big view of the map of my new region
The picture is take at the notation 1  ;)

I hope to see you back at my new region Brabant, a look at the capital city of the province 's - Hertogenbosch.


I just read all the updates you posted when I was on vacation. Great work. The peak lane in the roundabout is a very interesting concept. Does this exist in reality or did you invent it?

It was a great time with New Holland, but I am also looking forward to the new region.  &apls
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Paul 999

The peak lane exist but not on roundabouts ;) some motorways have peak lanes in The Netherlands. This concept is now also executed at Germany and Great Britain at some motorways.


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Wow, the region shots are impressive!  &apls

Looking forward to your new region, are you going to do a recreation of the area? That would be interesting as I live in Den Bosch but work in Tilburg and commute daily by train. You can almost see my house in the station pic!   $%Grinno$%
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I've really enjoyed all the updates while you've been OSITM. Thanks!
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Paul 999

Quote from: vortext on August 30, 2012, 10:29:11 AM
Looking forward to your new region, are you going to do a recreation of the area? That would be interesting as I live in Den Bosch but work in Tilburg and commute daily by train. You can almost see my house in the station pic!   $%Grinno$%

Not totally, but you can recognized some parts and the main infrastructure. I live in a suburb of Den Bosch, nice to read that you live in the region  :)


Good luck with your next region Paul! Can't wait to see the first pictures. ;)
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