Translation Request for God Terraforming in Mayor Mode

Started by Jonathan, July 06, 2008, 08:51:54 AM

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I have made a mod here: That adds God terraforming Tools to Mayor mode.
There are two words on it "Mayor" and "God" In the context of Mayor/God Mode.

It has been translated into these languages so far
German  - Gott / Bürgerm.
Dutch - God(-modus) / Burgem.(-modus)
Danish - Gud(-emodus) / Borgmester(-modus)

At least I would like French and Spanish.

I can modd until around 7:00/7:30 pm GMT tonight, but then I have homework and Top Gear.



Thanks Travis  :)
Now just Spanish...

I'm going to guess Mayor is "Alcalde" and God is "Dios" in Spanish
and Mayor is "Burmistrz" and God is "Bóg" in Polish?

Well according to Google anyway.


God = Gud (God Mode = Gudsläge)
Mayor = Borgm. (shortened from Borgmästare) (Mayor Mode = Borgmästarläge)

I'll try my luck on this based on the translations in the Nowegian locale dat used in the game...
God = Gud (God Mode = Guddommelig modus)
Mayor = Ordfører (Mayor Mode = Ordførermodus)

This will be a bit more difficult, since official translations of the modes are:
God Mode = Leiki luojaa (= Play God)
Mayor Mode = Johda kaupunkia (= Run the city)

For making them short, I'd use:
God = Luoja
Mayor = Kaupunki (= City)

The Finnish word for Mayor would be even longer, "pormestari"


God = Deus (God Mode = Modo Deus)
Mayor = Prefeito (Mayor Mode = Modo Prefeito)