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Started by RippleJet, July 18, 2007, 12:40:43 PM

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How about making buildings not only with English names, descriptions and queries?

SimCity 4 is available in 18 different languages:

  • 0x01   US English
  • 0x02   UK English
  • 0x03   French
  • 0x04   German
  • 0x05   Italian
  • 0x06   Spanish
  • 0x07   Dutch
  • 0x08   Danish
  • 0x09   Swedish
  • 0x0A   Norwegian
  • 0x0B   Finnish
  • 0x0F   Japanese
  • 0x10   Polish
  • 0x11   Simplified Chinese
  • 0x12   Traditional Chinese
  • 0x13   Thai
  • 0x14   Korean
  • 0x23   Portuguese

All in-game texts are available in a file called SimCityLocale.DAT, which is located in a folder under \Program Files\Maxis\SimCity 4\
The name of the folder should be clear enough to tell you which language file it contains.
The following folders are all included in the European version of the game:

  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • Finnish
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Norwgian
  • Polish
  • Portgese
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • UKEnglsh

Instead of providing texts in separate files for each language you might want to support, it is also possible to include all languages in one file, and let the game automatically pick the correct one, based on which language the installed version of SimCity 4 has. This is how Maxis did it with their official landmarks, those that are available for download at

The procedure for making multilingual creations is found in the tutorial LTEXT - Language Text Files, How to make multilingual buildings and queries.

At the moment, the following uploads on the LEX are multilingual:

Since nobody could manage to translate his/her building names and descriptions into all languages above, this is the place to ask for assistance in the translations.

Just post the text you want to have translated, or attach a *.DAT file including all texts in English (or any other language), and hopefully you will get it translated into more than just a few of the languages supported.

I urge everyone who would like to see creations in their own language appear in the game, to help anybody asking for assistance in translating anything here.

Texts that appear in your creations might often be similar to existing in-game texts or variations of them. In those cases I would ask anybody translating to check what sentences are actually used in your version of the game. Those who know how to, may of course check for the corresponding text in the native SimCityLocale.DAT file.

Below are a couple of examples of text which often appear in the descriptions for civic buildings, with the corresponding translations into most supported European languages. Feel free to take advantage of these in your own translations:

   EnglishMonthly CostCapacity
   FrenchCoût mensuelCapacité
   GermanMonatliche KostenKapazität
   ItalianCosto mensileCapacità
   SpanishCoste mensualCapacidad
   DutchMaandelijkse kostenCapaciteit
   DanishMånedlig udgiftKapacitet
   NorwegianMånedlige kostnaderKapasitet
   FinnishKuukausittaiset kulut   Kapasiteetti
   PolishMiesięczny kosztPojemność (civic buildings), Wydajność (utilities)
   Portuguese   Custo MensalCapacidade