No Technical Support for Cracked/Pirated Copies of SC4

Started by Tarkus, September 06, 2013, 02:56:52 PM

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One regularly occurring theme we've seen in providing tech support for the NAM recently has been from people who have reported being unable to install the NAM, due to the patch requirements, or unable to start the game after doing so. In virtually every case, it's been determined that these users are running cracked or pirated copies of the SC4 executable file.

The NAM Team will not provide technical support or other assistance to users who are running cracked or pirated copies of the game.  Additionally, the discussion of cracks and piracy is against the SC4 Devotion Site Rules, specifically, Rule #8:

8.  The discussion and promotion of piracy is prohibited.  This includes any sort of cracks or "warez". If it looks like a violation of the game's EULA, it probably is, so don't go there.

As a result, the site staff and NAM Team reserve the right to ignore or remove any technical support requests of this nature.

The NAM requires a legal retail copy of SC4 Deluxe/Rush Hour, updated to at least Version 1.1.638 (the version number for the EP1 patch).  The reason we require this patch--and the legal version--is because we have previously seen a rash of tech support cases from individuals who have failed to install the patch, and subsequently blamed the NAM Team for bugs present in the unpatched game.  The patch is quite essential beyond this, as it fixes a number of other critical issues.

What if I am running a legal copy but am unable to install the EP1 patch?

This may mean that you're trying to install the wrong SKU of the EP1 patch for your region. With copies purchased more recently, particularly outside the US, it's possible that you may have ended up with a copy that was originally designed for shipment to a different region.  There is an odd preponderance of copies intended for the UK ending up in Greece and Indonesia, for instance.  Our recommendation would be to try all 5 SKUs--one of them will work.

Also, if you are running the original SimCity 4, without the Rush Hour expansion, the patch will not work, and as the NAM requires Deluxe or Rush Hour, you won't be able to install the mod anyway.

I live somewhere where I can't go to the store and pick up a retail disc copy of SC4 Deluxe.  What options do I have?

SC4 Deluxe is readily available in a legal, retail, digital download version, from sites and services such as Steam,, GamersGate, and Amazon.  These copies are also typically prepatched to 1.1.641, meaning they're ready to go with custom building nightlights as well.  Amazon also sells boxed copies (these are not prepatched).  The standard retail price is US$20, but these retailers regularly put the game on sale, sometimes for as little as US$5.

Addendum as of August 24, 2014

  • We've received reports that the version that Origin is currently selling is unpatched, and due to the way the executable is structured, it is incapable of being patched properly, a rather peculiar occurrence given that Origin is owned by EA.  As of writing, this means that the Origin version is incapable of supporting a NAM installation.  Origin insists it is "up to date", but screenshots of the version number prove otherwise.  Until Origin acknowledges and corrects this issue, we recommend that you attempt to acquire a refund from Origin, and instead buy a digital copy from Steam,, or GamersGate.  For more info, see here
  • We are supporting the Mac version again, as of the release of the Mac-only NAM 32.1 release from July 28, 2014.