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Started by dedgren, December 20, 2006, 07:57:49 PM

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Those roads look nice and probably are going to look even nicer in the game. :thumbsup:



The vector-curves do look much better. I hope someone will take them and bring them to the game as puzzle pieces, just like the smooth rail curve in the latest NAM. I was waiting for something like this forever.



Absolutley brilliant. I'm glad Tarkus will be running with these (they should be great when realized). However, I do have one question (but you or Tarkus may have already thought of this): in regard to the 45 degree curve: With the way the game draws diagonal roads, would there be any alignment issues with it as it is now? I wanted to ask now just to avoid any potential delays in the process later (as if I would even know where to start to propose a fix... heh heh). Again, they look great.


Curves like that in SC4 would be the best thing since, well, NAM. Curves like that, and divided highways. I just drove up from Phoenix to Colorado and 95% of the highway was divided and by quite a distance in some places. Hopefully, that's in the works. Your dedication to the betterment of this wonderful game is inspiring. Keep up the great work. :thumbsup:


I am sorry I'm so distracted by this- it shows how much I despise the "game" road curves.

I promise- after this these go on the shelf and it's back to 3RR.

Assembled and TE'd so it will connect to the game road.  The "game" S-curve is the other one.

...can you tell which is which?

Ignore the awful grass texture matching.  I did that in about 30 seconds as it wasn't the point.

Here's the same thing with a few trees and stuff here and there.

Picture a quad transformed by more realistic curves...

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LOL, really? :P

I'd recommend these be used as overlay textures. That way, you can have a transparent base (omg!)

Even better, these could be done as puzzle pieces.
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This is simply stunning, the immense time and effort put into this MD is wonderful.

I can see you enjoy this alot and I'm so pleased I found time to look through this MD, I am still amazed by the content, pictures, tables and maps. Such fantastic work indeed.

I also love the curved roads as mentioned in the development thread, again great work.  &apls  &apls  &apls

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Hey David,

I know...I's been far too long since I posted but that is simply life.  In what little time I've had to glance through 3RR's progress over the last month I have been utterly impressed.  How you can keep the surprises coming I'll never you sleep!?!  I'm incredibly excited about the collaboration now taking place and your continual attention to detail continues to amaze.  Those curves are looking highly interesting as well.  Keep up the good work and here's hoping I can find some more time over the next month to be a bit more "devoted."



The S-curve looks pretty good in-game, David! I can't wait to see more development on these curves, and on 3RR in general!


My god man you are simply awsome i cant explain in how well them curves are
wow just wow  &apls.  You truely are GOD David

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All I have to say is "Ooooooooooo" sexy curves for the game.   $%Grinno$%
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Hi david! wonderful pieces of road you made!!!


Wow, amazing curves!! I think those will end up in the NAM before too long, haha :thumbsup:


If there was a simple way to implement those curves into the game it would mean a huge leap forward in terms of realism for SC4.  &apls

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Yep, those are very nice curves.
I could make real good use of those myself.

On a different note, the 1000th post watch is on!


Hi David , I had a dream ... and you're making it real !
At this rhythm ,we'll get SC5 before MAXIS realize it .... ;D

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 &aplsAwesome work on this curve. Now every Sims don`t gonna be sick in cars no more  ;D Great job


First the NAM team did railroads, now you're doing roads, what's next? RHW? *nudge nudge*

Can't wait to see these on the LEX.


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awesome idea

I can't think of anything more needing this sort of treatment than highways.

If RHW had something like this it would definetely be useful, since of course RHW is the least likely to have any sort of access points along it, and certianly not anywhere near a sweeping curve
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Is it 1,000 yet?

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Three Rivers Region- A collaborative development of the SC4 community
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