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Started by Manny, July 22, 2007, 06:21:21 AM

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Beautiful, Manny! Absolutely beautiful! The way you have your railroads set up is my favorite part of Edensturd. I'm going to have to steal...I mean, borrow that technique! I'll definitely be looking forward to seeing more of your work, my friend! Great job!


Manny, I too, really like your railroads. Looking forward to more of your Euro MD.



Dedgren Thank you for your comment my friend !  ;)
Bat Thank !
Tooheys I once again thank you for your supports  :) !
Sebes Thank !
Vario80 Thank you with you! I also like much the rail me and I acknowledge y pretter much attention in my city   ::) !
Thundercrack83 I in taken to you! Its pleases to me to see that my works can inspire by people! Thank you my friend  ;) !
BigSlark Thank !  :)


And a new MAJ, Edensturd has just crossed the course of the 200 000 inhabitants!



Stunning update, Manny! Your homes and roads are absolutely incredible. Great work!


Fantastic update, Manny! Great work! Wonderful houses! :thumbsup:


Again nice update Manny. The alighment of the buildings is very well done, they are Wall-to-Wall basically everywhere.  :thumbsup: Also i like the embarkments at the shoreline.  &apls
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Manny, that is beautiful work, your residential areas are just superb and I like your road network and use of the retaining walls.

Well done &apls





Manny, congratulations!

...With a name like Edensturd- it's got to be good!...

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Congratulations on your promotion. The photos are very nice, and I'm especially interested in the terraforming shown in the last one. Everyone around here knows I'm peeking around corners trying to learn how to work with walls, so I'll be watching how you do it.

Until next time...


Great update.  I really like the layout and the coices of custon content all works very well togather.

Congrats on the move to Special Interest of the Month!  Well deserved indeed.


Robin   :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


Congratulations on making it to the Special Interest category, Manny! It's going to be a great August!


Manny 2 things i need to say...

1.. awsome update and i really love the use of w2w and also the use of the walls...

2.. biiiiiiiiiigg congrats on making it to OSITM...  I am looking forward to many great updates from ya's  :thumbsup: &apls

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I just went to your MD ...

Stunning use of retaining walls and some nice railways I found (I guess you know that I am rather picky on both of them ... )  &apls

And a great use of these old-style W2W Bats!  ()stsfd()

Congreats on the well-deserved award!

Bernhard  :thumbsup:


Woa! If there would be something to see my reaction, this would largely be appropriate :  :o

You make me a great pleasure by giving me this reward! And it is thanks to you that me city is there with all these comments, then, once again, I tell you large a thank you for all  &apls !


 &apls Congrats mate. It`s nice to see your work over here too.  :thumbsup:


Don't know how I missed it, but where did you get those arched walls in the last picture? Well, I DO know how I missed it. I'm old. I can't help it, but I'd still like to know where to find them.

Until next time...


Congrats on this award, Manny! &apls Looking forward to the next update!  :thumbsup:


I knew it had to get here .... the last update just proved that again, and your award is sooooo very deserved. Congratz  &apls

The houses in Edensturd form a beautifull scenery, mainly because entire streets and quarters are build in same style. Very realistic, and very very appealing to an Amsterdammer.

It's a joy to look at the pictures, and I am anxiously looking forward to your next update Manny!
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Hello my friend, I already complimented you on TSC  :P , therefore I say to you just: Congrats my friend, tu le mérites  :thumbsup:

Good luck for the next  ;)