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Started by dedgren, December 20, 2006, 07:57:49 PM

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Superb level of detail on your maps David.  I can't even start to think how you created them so well.


More wonderful info and something new I learned today. &apls

And a fantastic way to give out an 00 honour &apls

This is one huge project that gets better by the day and wish the countdown would go faster
as I can't wait for the 14 days to pass  ;D ;D

Kettle's on. Milk? Sugars?    ps I don't like Earl Grey  $%Grinno$%
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Yikes looks like I need to update the Honors list again!


Ohhh yea shardz's that is a never ending job there lol...

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No it will end...

...When 3RR does (not likely!) :thumbsup:


3RR Regular* jayo on February 13th joined the Double-0 club by making comment 2,800 here [linkie].  It's always great to have the opportunity to afford some small recognition to members of that august and esteemed body, which currently includes Luca (meldolion), Dustin (thundercrack83) (x3), Daniel (Shadow Assassin), Silvio (Rayden), Travis, Liv (Livin' in Sim), Al (Gaston), Heinz, Kevin (BigSlark) (x2), Alex (Tarkus), Pat (x4), Joan (Jmouse)**, Todd (tkirch), Emil (emilin) (x2), bat (x3), Matt (threestooges), Jeff (kalanc69), John (DFire870), Kitsune, Robin (Rooker1), and now our friend jayo.  I can think of no better company to keep, and I'm really pleased to note that most all of these folks are participating in the upcoming collaboration.

So, jayo, this one's for you.

* * *

This is the second of a series showcasing the officially designated plants, animals, rocks and minerals and other things that have been selected as symbolic and representative of Three Rivers Region.  A complete list appears here [future linkie].

The Blue Jay - 3RR's Official Bird

The blue jay is a member of the Corvidae family which includes ravens, magpies, crows and a variety of other jays scattered throughout both North and South America. Blue jays live throughout eastern North America from eastern Alberta all the way to Florida and the Gulf of Mexico.  Three Rivers Region is toward the northernmost extent of their range, and the subspecies found in the region is cyanocitta cristata bromia.

Although not usually considered to be a migratory species, some blue jays do migrate in winter, with northern birds replacing their relatives that summer further south.  3RR's Blue jays tend to overwinter in the region because of abundant food supplies during that season, and because a great deal of the bird's prime habitat areas in the lower elevations of the Wyler and DeLong Mountains remains undisturbed.  Blue jays are thus year 'round dependable visitors to the region's back yard bird feeders, although "raider" would be a better term based on the bird's generally aggressive behavior.  Blue jays are also notorious raiders of other birds' nests. They will attack any bird in the immediate vicinity of their nest in the spring, as well as steal eggs, young birds and even nests. They appear to like robin nests and often appropriate them for nesting.  As aggressive as the blue jay is, it is easy prey for hawks and owls when in the open, because it is a slow flier when compared to other perching birds. Its large size, up to 12 inches from bill to tip of tail, also makes it an easy target for other avian predators, such as owls.

There are two striking characteristics about blue jays which draw human attention. First is their spectacular color--blue on top with bright blue and strikingly banded wing feathers with a white underside and a crested head. Second is the bird's variety of raucous calls and songs which often serve as alarms for other birds when a hawk or a cat or some other predator is in the area.  They possess a wide variety of calls, and are able to mimic other birds.  Both sexes have the same appearance, and young blue jays are gray-colored until they get their adult feathers.

Blue jays are omnivorous, meaning they eat just about anything.  About 75 percent of their diet is vegetable matter. This choice of diet is seasonal, as blue jays prefer insects, salamanders, tree frogs and even mice, according to some sources, during warm weather.  Before blight hit the American chestnut tree, chestnuts were considered the blue jay food of choice; however, they like just about any kind of nut and are especially fond of acorns.  The birds are aggressive, curious and large when compared to most of the other perching birds. Young jays commonly collect brightly colored objects like bottle caps and pieces of aluminum foil and carry them around for a short while. Sometimes they try to peck open such objects, or they will use them as platforms and simply perch on top of them until they get bored.

As noisy and aggressive as they can be, blue jays are very secretive during the nesting season. They pick nesting sites in thick cover and take circuitous routes through tangles of vines and shrubs to reach their nests, which generally take the form of a large collection of sticks as a base. The inside of the nest is usually lined with grass. These birds prefer coniferous trees like pines and cedars for nesting sites, and the abundance of these trees in 3RR makes the region a blue jay heaven.  On the other hand, region residents frequently find blue jays nesting on their porches, eaves and garages.  Such close interaction with humans is not unusual among this family of birds and those with blue jays residing near the house sometimes find themselves attacked and pecked if one comes too close to a nest.

Blue jays are monogamous, meaning pairs bond and remain together for life. Around the nest, the blue jay abandons its loud calls and communicates with its mate in what birders term "whisper song."  The male courts the female by feeding her constantly and continues to do so while the female incubates four to six brown-spotted, greenish eggs. 

Blue jays are among Three Rivers Region's most beautiful and intelligent back yard visitors, and were designated 3RR's official bird by act of the Regional Government in 1954. 

* * *

jayo, again, welcome to the 3RR Double-0 club!

* * *

Lucky 13...



* A 3RR Regular is anyone who has ever posted in 3RR here at SC4D or over at ST at least once, as we continue to maintain the highest of standards.

** Joan actually made comment no. 1,291, but our budget was running low at the time, so we had the "honors" cermony early.

n.b.This post and the images appearing in it was and were derived from U.S and Canadian government sources, and from the excellent Wikipedia article on Blue Jays (  All rights are reserved in the original copyright holder/owner and the use of information and images is asserted to be fair use on this not-for-profit website.
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Congrats jayo on your tribute.  &apls I have always liked the Blue Jay.  I see alot of them here, where I live, in the summer months.  They seem to be very royal birds. 
David, I love the amount of back ground info you are putting into this collabration.  I think it feels more alive, more real this way.  You have given everyone something to think about while they are working on thier region.  Not say it will tun out any different, but than again it may.  ;)
13 is my good luck/favourite number.  Always has been and most likely never change.  ()stsfd()

I am getting very impatient and can't wait until this gets started.  I want to see how everything comes together.
I guess I have to sit back, relax and just wait.

Robin  :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


David a most fitting tribute to Jayo and love details!!!

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Hey, congratulations, jayo!

So, the blue jay is the official 3RR bird, eh? Fantastic choice, David! You continue to educate and entertain in such fascinating ways. I can't wait to see the other official 3RR items!



Congratulations jayo, you have been duly honored by one of the most gracious and talented hosts I've ever known.

Until next time...


Hey I am here, sorry for not being around much. RL is tough but I still intend to the collaboration.

Anyways, since I have come back to this I've been checking out the quick-finder to get a handle on whats going on in this thing. One thing I want to say is that is a truly awesome map you have of 3RR in relation to Minnesota/Canada.

War Kittens !?


Hehe...Blue Jays are also a crappy baseball team!:P

Seriously, nice pictures.;)
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More agriculture, collaboration, flags... Quite clear I've missed some pages :thumbsup:


nice details and interesting about that bird  ;)



Great Double-0 tribute to jayo. I also really enjoyed the bats and their caves a couple of pages ago. I'm glad to see I'm not the only person memorialized as a 3RR critter!

I'm looking forward to collaboration starting in a few days and I'm even going to clean up my plugins folder before we start (I think someone just fainted and my RAM sighed in relief).

Hope all is well in the Great Frozen North.



Yes Congrats to jayo! &apls

Looking forward to the next 12 days! ;)


Now that's a really HUGE awesome project! Congrats Dedgren!

I'd also like to congrats everybody but especially my good friend John (Darmok) for the suberb work on the flag. Looks really John not you, the flag LOL!

See ya in 12 days and good luck to each participants!  :thumbsup:


To Eric (Pinchman)
Allright allright....
no need to specify that your compliment was for the flag, I kinda guessed that it was!
Seriously (am I ever serious?) thanks for the kind words.

To David:
I remember that you once said that you were (a tad...) anal retentive.... (no flame please, those words are from David mouth... well... pen.... well... keyboard... anyhow you get the drift)
Looking  at 3RR we can only concur....Geez can you jampack this MD with details!!!!
It's totally unbelievable, Bats, Blue Jays, Fire coverage, historical background.... (et caetera)
Have mercy!
hehehe...  ;)
I still don't understand how you find the time for such in depth work!
Hats off to you!

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awwww shucks  ::) Thanks  :thumbsup: Can't wait till colab   &apls
I'm back


Happy Leap Day!  I'm going to designate this another "No Lurking" day at 3RR, since it only happens once every four years.  If you've dropped by, please post and at least say hi.  This would especially apply to all you 3RR Regulars* in waiting who are out there but who we don't know yet, because you haven't made your first post.  C'mon, don't be shy.  Nobody bites.

* * *

I note our friend and long-time 3RR Regular Emil (emilin) notched his second Double-0 post back on February 20th [linkie].  While work keeps me from putting up the honors post today, here's a quick look at what's in store.

...pulls out the lightbox...

* * *

Lots more will be going on between now and the end of the weekend.  Last call for all the 3RR Collaborators will go out tonight for check in over at the team thread.  We have just about reached the 10...9...8... stage of the countdown.

Joan (Jmouse) and Dustin (thundercrack83) are doing amazing behind the scenes work on the Table of Contents [linkie], Quick Finder [linkie] and Gazetteer [linkie].  It'll be great to get this under way.



* A 3RR Regular, as always, is anyone who has ever posted at least once here at SC4D or over at 3RR-ST.

n.b.: The images appearing in in this post originally appeared in the Duluth Seaway Port Authority's excellent and informative website (  All rights are reserved in the original copyright holder/owner (the photo of the amazing snow sculpture is credited to Captain Tom Mackay (Ret.)) and the use of these images is asserted to be fair use on this not-for-profit website.

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