Three Rivers Region

Started by dedgren, December 20, 2006, 07:57:49 PM

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thas definately more like it.. coat of arms is the next port of call.... hmm... i know even less about that than i do flags... you know if there is anything specific you would like to see batted just send me a PM im sure i could look at a couple of bits...
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Sweet glad to see a flag is nailed down....

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The flag now is looking fantastic!!! Great work on it!!

Looking forward to the next 18 days and to the following. ;)


I think that's the one! It looks fantastic, John! The amount of work you've put into the flag and the stationery these past few days has been incredible!

I can't wait to see the coat of arms!



While I haven't posted much in here lately, I've certainly been keeping tabs on developments. The flag turned out great (no surprise) and the stationary is great (and a perfect place for that stylized beaver). Also, I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed, but I think 3RR has become an official team (noting the area around people's post counts). I must commend everyone on their commitment to this, and I'm sure there'll be some great surprises in the near future (say 19 days or so).


This is new:

A 3RR Team? Oooh, me likes!

Ryan B.

Agreed - that does look nice!   :thumbsup:


great work on the flag!
any how i was reading up on the Central pivot/crop circle pages, and i thought of a modular farm lot series based on current and new textures. for example, sc farms are square in appearance, all the way to the edge of the field. in real life, crops are seeded with bends and curves illustrated by the path of the tractor and seeder. is there anything like this on the stex or lex? ive started making a plan of how many textures would be needed and how they would conform.


Great work on the flag collaboration, everyone. I'm extremely excited about the forthcoming collaboration, I've cleared a space in my schedule for it!  ;D

I hope all is well with Heather and the boys, David and that the long winter doesn't have you down.



To be honest,i don't get what the collaboration is  %confuso  Can someone shed me some light on this  ???
I'm back


Yes, the "3RR-Team"-picture is looking really nice! ;)

Always looking forward to more...


jayo basically we all will have the same plugins and we will each contribute to the region individual city tiles...... hence the collaboration...
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Indeed, and the collaboration will show players' different playing styles, much like a real world region would be like - a collection of towns and cities planned by different people/groups/committees/dictators.
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I've been working on a bunch of detail things today.  Here's a map (sorry it's hard to read) of 3RR's 15 Trooper Service Areas.

A larger-scale (2048x2048) version, which will open in a new window, is here [linkie].

Each TSA has a Trooper Post located in it.  These show as stars on the map.  Here's a chart showing these locations from the extended post on the 3RR Troopers from last fall [linkie].

[tabular type=1][row] [head] [/head] [head] [/head] [/row]
[row] [head colspan=2]
3RR Troopers
[/head] [/row]
[row] [head]
1st Battalion
[/head] [head]
2nd Battalion
[/head] [/row]

[row] [data]
Falls City (HQ) - TSA 1
Baudette - TSA 11
Boissevain - TSA 3
Ellsworth - TSA 12
Fox Rapids - TSA 5
Montgomery - TSA 9
Whitehall - TSA 6

[/data] [data]
East Pineshore (HQ) - TSA 2
Ellisport - TSA 7
Rushford - TSA 10
Truman - TSA 4
Warren - TSA 14
Willoughby - TSA 15
Wolf Lake - TSA 13
Wood Ridge - TSA 8
[/data] [/row][/tabular]

Note that most of the cities and some of the towns also have a municipal police department.  I'm currently working on the same sort of map for Rural Fire Service Areas.

* * *

Almost halfway!



D. Edgren

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Three Rivers Region- A collaborative development of the SC4 community
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David you know I will be happy to see the Fire district mapping  ;)   OK I do admitt one thing its also good to see the troopers coverage as well  ;D

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Very interesting stuff, David! I'm curious to know how you came up with those boundaries, and of course, the map looks spectacular. Keep up the good work, my friend!


Ryan B.

I'd be very interested to see the paint scheme and the various vehicles that the 3RR State Troopers use.  :)

EDIT: Ryan, back in the post on the 3RR military and police forces [linkie] there was this pic.

It would appear that the (marked) Trooper cruisers are black with a cream white top, have "3RR Trooper" in white on the sides of the front fenders and sport an alternating blue and clear light bar.  Let your imagination run wild as to the rest, consistent with that
. -DE


Well, I finally worked up the "guts" to post here.  I have been following 3RR for quite some time, and its a colossal work in progress. I'm not too sure what you are doing for the "collaboration", but I'm sure it will turn out great!


EDITHeh!  No guts- no glory, Hal.  Thanks for the kind comment- don't be a stranger. -DE


My quad is divided in two, better be some cooperation on the part of districts 11 and 12 to make sure the airport is safe  :thumbsup:


I, too, anxiously await the logical explanation for boundary choices -- which I'm sure will be forthcoming in due time.

Until March 12...