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Started by dedgren, December 20, 2006, 07:57:49 PM

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Wow that was an intense update, to be sure.

The bar has been set so high by David, here, that I'm not sure I can even read Wikipedia anymore. Forget the real world, 3RR is WAY more interesting. :)

That being said, I realize it's an honor to have something named after you in 3RR. I'm so glad Kitsune made the 2500th comment, and not myself. After all, you cannot have an unpronounceable name listed in your region.

So from this point on, I comment... carefully... by researching the amount of posts/views so as to not accidentally post at an inopportune time. :thumbsup:

Once again, fabulous update. I cannot see an end to this project, which is awesome because I'm a psychic.
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What an interesting account of 3RR's ecosystem and its history, David. Such things breathe even more life into this already-dynamic region.
It made me think of a neighbor who burned his fields and yard early last spring. It looked awful, but within a few weeks he had the prettiest, greenest yard in the neighborhood!
Anyway, I always enjoy what I've come to think fondly of as "D.E.'s little side trips!" :D

Until next time...


David you have yet raised that bar anther notch to an even higher standerd WOW!!! WOnderful update and facts on the Prairie.....

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Quote from: beskhu3epnm on January 22, 2008, 06:51:29 AM

That being said, I realize it's an honor to have something named after you in 3RR. I'm so glad Kitsune made the 2500th comment, and not myself. After all, you cannot have an unpronounceable name listed in your region.

Kitsune is japanese for fox - and its a bugger to pronounce!  :D I would say its harder to pronounce then my aboriginal name in Ojibwa.

dedgren - the praries, it reminded me very much of my time in Calgary - to one end of the city was the foothills, the other end countless farms. Awesome post!
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Great pictures of the fields there on the last page, David! :thumbsup:

And congrats to Kitsune for his honoring  (also from me)!



Well, I've probably learned enough about central pivot irrigation [linkie] to build one in my backyard...

...if my backyard was 160 acres, cleared of trees and pretty flat, that is.

And, to be a completist, I'd need access to a whole bunch of water and to move my backyard 1,000 miles/1,600 kilometers to the south...

...well, actually, about 1,500 miles/2,400 kilometers to the east-southeast, or I'd be in the North Pacific.

* * *

Moving on, why did I do this?  There've been some good questions asked, as usual, and folks have made great points in recent comments.  Here's my take...

Not to shatter anyone's illusions, but I'm the kind of guy who knows just a little about a lot of things- usually that little bit is enough to get me to the place where folks who do know something have shared their knowledge.  The Internet is my kind of research tool, because it lends itself to the free-association "what if" sort of style I have adopted.  I guess if I had to sum it up in a 1983 synthpop song title [linkie], I'd call that style "one thing leads to another."

Occasionally, though, I just miss something.  My good (and quite humble) friend mightygoose noted a bit ago that he'd tried his hand at getting CPI agriculture into the game.  He also remarked, in a way that sounded like the voice of experience, on the moiré patterns [linkie] that tend to affect circular patterns created on a raster-based screen.  I filed these away in the "Hmmmm- OK" section of my memory.  A little later NHP Mad Scientist Eblem (Heblem) pointed me at this thread [linkie].  When I went there, this didn't just catch my attention... blew me away.  I cannot begin to even comprehend, mightygoose, how you did that.  I'm sure each box isn't drawn individually...

...otherwise you'd still be working on it, and well into 2008 at that...

...but it's just incredible that all those little tiny boxes could be created in the first place.  Whoa!

Now, as I've said- I "can't BAT for poop©."  Saying that again here lets me use another one of my favorite phrases:

When you're a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

* * *

This post continues here [linkie] so that I can incorporate some of the great comments that were left after I started it out "in progress."


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That crop circle is almost mesmorizing if you look at is in the center, everything starts moving... O wait thats on of those brain teasers I was looking at.  David your crop circles just gave me a flashback to that dizzing experience. :shocked2:
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This was a great use of the array tool  :thumbsup:
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Parallel development. Exciting. Now, in the other thread (the one by Heblem), Joelevan (inactive) mentioned something about circular farms in Germany and Norway--anybody that know something about these?


Hi, David ...
This unreal pictures - I'm crazy with this !!!
You're number ! !!!


I learned too about the central pivot irrigation, something that I didn't know until last year (about my thread) it's interesting.

Not sure what probably could happen to mightygoose crop circle but could be interesting to see in game. Also your circles are fantastic!  :thumbsup: thanks!

I've sent you a PM
Take care.



Awesome updates!!! Hopefully those crop circles will be available soon. Between you and mightgoose, we should have some awesome stuff!!



So much detail! :satisfied: Great work David. I'm beginning to believe in the 3RR cover up conspiracy. Your maps are so amazing! Great use of photos as well. That tree one is breathtaking.


ya never cease to amaze me David, and yes that CP array gave me a headache  ???
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to be fair when i made that, the final array too me the best part of 20 minutes to load an i have a quite high spec laptop, but the optical interference was too great, i mean i would dig up the texture/bump map for you if you want but, green gives such bad optical inteference at the outer zoom levels this 30x30 batted field was not worth chasing...

on second more positive....
not trying to threadjack here but ill post a bit more on my experiences....

this is the Mk.II version... i did a top view render of the above shown array[david's post], as the above array was about an 8 hour export each time... cant remember the figures exactly but objects was past the 100,000 mark and polys was not far of 3 million.... anyway a top down render was supercontrasted and turned into a bump map..... then used on a equal sized disk of 1m thickness with a hole in the middle....

this i might add rendered in about 8 minutes... unfortunately, LOD's being the pain they are started bitching even on the simple model. the originally invisioned realistic scale 30x30 field... got scaled to around 16x16 to render successfully. now while it all looks well and good here, [ i confess the photo im looking for has vanished intothe depths of imageshack] at zoom one you had a bright green (far lighter than any of the above colours) plain disc.

looking forward moire patterns are going to be our biggest foe in making fields that have actual crops on them. as to the other side of my cunning plan, i discussed with Barbyw, at the time, the way to use them in game. rather than just eye candy, what about making the field the building. so say our 16x16 field. you make a 17x17 farmhouse lot, with the field and shed and some dirt roads on the two edges....and then have plain dirt ground as the mech lots. thus the farms wont grow unless the correct size field is specified, but allow for functionality. what do you think???
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Something I both love and hate about David's projects...

Time taken to make it perfect. It makes it wonderful, but tantalizes for sooo long.

Keep at it. CPI is uber-cool.
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Finally finish something, (sorry, been really into BATing port stuff lately and completely forgot about it.

Jeeze david, take better care of your missile sites :P

Also did a render with a missile on it, didn't texture the missile because I'm not sure if ye need it?

Note: that front fins on the missiles are missing for some reason (I have no clue why at all.


Even without the front fins, that looks like it's off to a great start. I've seen a few Nikes (Hercules models I believe) and I'll await official word from someone who has worked with them, but well done. Interesting to see the BAT cpi field coming up again. Good luck with that and I'll keep working on the outer buildings.


WELCOME TO PAGE 1  3  5  !!!!!!!
Great work on that, mightygoose and Yoman! :thumbsup:

Looking forward to more of your work, David!


Far as progress and teaching I dont think David minds a thread Jackin at all lol.... MG that was stunning work you was doing and defintly worth more investigation!!!

David I cant wait to see what happens further now.....

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