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Started by dedgren, December 20, 2006, 07:57:49 PM

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 :D Used cows!!! Very funny sign. Sometimes I don't think ppl think what they are writing before they write it.


hey Grneyes,
if its a certified-pre-owned cow then it shouldnt be that bad of a deal!  ::)
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Some things about SC4 still, after all this time, break my heart.

Several folks have commented that I should take our CPI lots and use overlay textures for the crops and invisible textures (through the use of the "stupid" texture or by removing texture IDs in the Reader) to allow the grassy area around the crop circle to show through.  My recollection from the last time I tried to do something like that was that this caused the infamous "hole to China" effect as soon as you did anything to monkey around with underground stuff like pipes, and sometimes just on its own.

I'm always willing, though, to take another look at something to see if I might get a different result...

...Werner Erhard [linkie] once said the definition of insanity is, "doing something over and over and expecting a different result."... here's the pics.

#1 - I redo the 12x12 lot with overlay textures for the curved edge tiles of the crop circle and remove the "grass" base textures in ilive's Reader.  Looking pretty good.

#2 - So far, so good as we change zoom levels.

#3 - Here's a "Level 1" shot of the whole CPI testbed.

#4 - A nice close view as we head underground...

#5 - ...and resurface.   ()sad()

Oh, well.  This is one of those "Brainbuster" problems with the game (can't use an overlay texture with no valid base texture present) that I keep hoping to wake up one morning and find that someone has solved.  I'm conferring with jeronij about seeing whether the six curved edge tiles of the crop circle could be made as BATted props (well, I guess there aren't any other kind) to see if that's a way around.  We'll keep you posted.

* * *

On another note, and this is the last time you'll hear about page views for a while, we passed 3RR-ST sometime early this morning, Alaska time (GMT -9).

...heh!  We were 16 page views apart when I took this at about 7:00 a.m. AST.  We have had over 150 page views in the last 6 hours, and over 500 in the last 48...

Thank you.

* * *

A final note as the morning passes on into afternoon here.  Please, please do not use the 3RR Table of Contents for a while longer.  I've had a couple of folks in touch to say that it's confusing and how do they this and how do they that?  The answer to all those questions is simply that I've not made getting it up to speed a priority, but that its time is coming soon.  Thanks for your continued patience.

D. Edgren

Please call me David...

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Sorry for the caps, but I always wanted such things. I do hope green ones show up too :)
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Hmm, I think your best bet might be to create a new texture to fill in the corners and edges.
I don't think the transparent solution will likely cut it.

Perhaps a texture that looks like deep grass, or short hay. About a foot deep roughly.
Maybe one of cycledoggs textures might work?

Neet stuff anyhow!!


I like these round fields. I don't have any farms in my desert region because all the game farms look like they belong in Indian insead of Arizona or West Texas. The fields would look great in a desert region, but NOT with that green grass border, keep the dirt edge!


David just stunning work here Man!!!  :thumbsup: &apls

I'd would hate to call that number here in my area, but curosity kills me and I wanna ask them if they have used cows for sale lol.... btw 369 number is in my exchange here in wisconsin lol

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Pat, that does not look like the northwoods of Wisconsin, but I could be wrong as I live in southeastern Wisconsin. David, keep working on those farm crop circles to make them 3RR compatible. JKB
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As well as the shadow, the "tail" of the windmill and the blade section are not perpendicular to each other. they should be  ;)

Quote from: dedgren on January 14, 2008, 01:14:44 PM

*post and images clipped*
#4 - A nice close view as we head underground...

*post and images clipped*

and maybe the field corners as BAT props with the centers being base textures would work.


Aww...shame there, twas looking really good until you went underground.


We'll be around but likely not posting today as we fix a few things...

The last few days here have just been unbelievable- we'll be back with more in a bit.

D. Edgren

Please call me David...

Three Rivers Region- A collaborative development of the SC4 community
The 3RR Quick Finder [linkie]

I aten't dead.  —  R.I.P. Granny Weatherwax

Skype: davidredgren


David wow!! i just love those farm crop circles!! I was requesting something like that some time ago! thanks!
Hope everything is fine, ill be back soon  ;)


Hi David, long time no see! How are you doin'?

Well, RL had been busy for me the last couple of month, I had to give my studies more attention and after I closed my CJ, I've swapped into lurking mode a little bit. I'll try to be around posting more often again now and maybe even get some playing time sometimes :P. So much from me. I've read your explanation of region play over at ST, that was really interesting. But what else to expect from you :). Also your work on the crop fields is impressive my friend, so is your dedication for SC4devotion. I even checked out your SCS adventure, very honest work.

Take care,


Hello David,

I've been a busy individual testing CAM and the Commute Engine of late and forgot to post in what I consider to be my home at SC4D, the Three Rivers Region.

The fields are amazing, you're giving me the itch to head out West and simply drive until the money runs out!

Hope all is well in the Great White North. The idea of Alaska in the winter makes me shiver, I can only imagine what its really like.



Filasimo, now how would you go about certifying a used cow? How many points would be on that inspection???

David, awesome crop circles!!! Will have to try them once they are finished. Hope RL gets better soon...or at least less hectic. 



dang them evil monkeys lol... David take it easy and I hope everything is fixxed by a trained monkey at least lol...

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Nice view. The monkey's kind of cute, too.

Until next time...


Beautiful cropcircles.

I must say, I like them most with dirt around them. I think it is most realistic.
I have never been in a place where I could acutally see them, so I could be wrong, but considering the need to irrigate the field, I presume the land is dry. And on a dry land there are no lush Meadowshire Mod meadows! Probably dirt, or dry grass would be best.
And no underground-hole-to-the-other-side-of-the-world bugs.

There is another item to care about: the textures of the roads nearby. Parts are drt road, some are aspahlt. Not very realistic. Is there anything to do about this?

Is it possible that someone produces a transparent base texture? Probably not... someone must have thought of this before, tried it and found some kind of unsolvable problem?

Good luck.


I think it would be nice to see crop circles with... um, crops? The yet-to-be planted ones are nice, too though. :)


its all gone abit quiet round here...
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